Rescind decision on Licensure Exams for Teachers or Lose 2020 Elections – NPP Communicator

A communication team member of the ruling party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), in the Mfantseman Constituency of the Central Region, Dr Nana Boateng, has appealed to the leadership of his party to intervene in the National Teaching Council’s (NTC) decision to impose a Teacher Licensure Examination on newly trained teachers.

According to him, failure of the party to do so will cause them the 2020 general elections.

He made this remarks on Ahomka FM’s executive breakfast show on Tuesday.

“My brother, this teacher licensure exams is very good because every education goes with examination and for that matter I’m not against it…. I support it fully but my problem is the timing; the timing is very bad because it was in 2008 that this policy came and there has not been broader consultation and education on it; no proper education has been done on this policy….no sensitization has been done about it and if we (NPP) have come to power and we want to implement it, it is not bad but we should know that every policy has a starting point……if really we want to implement it well, we must know that these current trainees who completed recently were not aware that there was an examination ahead of them to be written…they were not informed so why do they write?” he asked.

Dr Boateng who is a lecturer at the Perez University College, Winneba, is of the view that the newly trained teachers should have been informed during their orientation so that they prepare their minds towards it.

“So, I want to plead with listening President Nana Addo, that it is about numbers, the policy needs to be started with the first years ie those who are going to be admitted this year so that they are informed that after their completion they’ll write a licensure exams, so with that the students will know from the onset that they have a licensure exams to write,” Dr Boateng added.

He also bemoaned the Ghc220.00 examination voucher charges saying, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) members “are spreading the falsehood that we the NPP are charging them that amount in order to get money to finance the free SHS….so master whether we like it or not, an election is won with numbers so why don’t we give these trainees hearing?…so the NTC and the education ministry should please call for another meeting and withdraw it…because if that is not done, it will go against us in 2020”.

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