Road Safety Report: 180 People killed in January 2018

Provisional information on the road accident situation as at the end of January 31st 2018 released by National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) shows that, 1,071 road crushes occurred whilst 180 persons were killed in the process with 1,171 persons suffering various degrees of injuries.

The total number of vehicles involved in the crashes according to the data was 1,774, comprising 723 commercial vehicles, 715 private vehicles and 336 motorcycles.

Ms. May Obiri-Yeboah, the Executive Director of National Road Safety Commission who made this known at a news conference in Accra said compared with the same period in 2017, the number of road traffic crashes, persons killed and persons injured have increased by 14.3%, 10.4% and 28.7% respectively.

Vehicles involved in accidents according to her also increased by 16.1%, 23.1% and 42.45% respectively for commercial vehicles, private vehicles and motorcycles.

Commenting on 2017 figures, she said a total of 12,843 cases of road traffic crashes occurred resulting in 12,166 injuries and 2,076 deaths.

This, she said, translates into 2.66% and 7.73% increase in the cases recorded and number of persons injured respectively and a 5.55% reduction in the number of persons killed as compared to the same period in the year 2016.

Ms. Obiri -Yeboah said out of the total number of deaths recorded, 1,562 deaths representing 75.2% were males while 514 deaths representing 24.8% were females.

According to the Executive Director of National Road Safety Commission, 3,300 pedestrians were knocked down, representing an 11.45% increase over the 2016 figure. 26.6% or 879 of the pedestrians who were down knocked down, she stated were killed with 2,421 nursing varied degrees of injuries.

The Commission, she stated, considers the incessant accidents trend unacceptable considering that these crushes are emerging from the just ended Christmas and New Year festivities where the National Road Safety Commission supported by stakeholders especially the DVLA and MTTD scaled up public education and enforcement activities across the country.

On contributory factors to road accidents, Ms. Obiri-Yeboah said preliminary investigations conducted by her outfit revealed multiple contributory factors. Prevalent among the factors according to her are negligence and disregard for road traffic regulations on the part of drivers involved in crashes, particularly excessive speeding and overtaking without due care for oncoming vehicles.

The Executive Director of National Road Safety Commission also said deficiencies associated with road infrastructure contributed to road crushes, adding that absence of road signs, roadway marking, street lighting and safe crossing facilities for pedestrians are issues that continue to find space in the list of crush contributory factors.

Dangers confronting motorists at road construction or work zones where contractors fail to install the appropriate traffic management including safety signs, Ms. Obiri -Yeboah said expose motorists to open trenches and physical objects without any protection.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa


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