Happy 75th Birthday: Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters Eulogies the Iconic Rev. Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee

Since I was a child, I heard about how great and iconic you are in Ghana, Africa and the World.

My Mummy (Veronica Oware) keeps mentioning Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee as a senior Pioneer of the Association of Methodist Church Choirs, Ghana (GHAMEC) and a National Patroness.

Mummy tells me, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee is a great hymnist & even gave me the Book “Hymns & their Meaning “..

I grew up seeing My Mum always being inspired by Rev. Dr. Aryee. The hastyness she imploys to listen to her when she comes on TV was very surprising. I took the initiative to always be on the guard to shout “Mummy, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee is on TV” anytime I saw her on TV.

Mummy made me see Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee as an International Icon. I grew up just loving her. I couldn’t wait to tell Mummy, I saw Rev. Dr. Aryee on TV or heard her on Radio speak anytime Mummy wasn’t around.

In my quest to grow in the Ministry of God, I met a great man of God who is my Father in the Lord.

Fortunately, He had a very close relationship with Rev. Dr. Aryee.

This man is Rev. Dr. Solomon Nortey.
I learnt from him that, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee wrote the foreword to his first ever book.

Rev. Dr. Nortey taught me Mama Joyce was an epitome of greatness.

I realised his dedication and comittment to Rev. Dr. Aryee, he was regularly a speaker at the meetings of Salt and Light Ministries (which is founded by Rev. Dr. Aryee).
I realised Rev. Dr. Aryee was more than a Mother to my Father Dr. Nortey. Then I wasn’t surprised they are all very intellectually brilliant, they display excellence in everything they do. Then I justified the adage “Like Mother, Like Son”.

I grew up learning from the History of this country that, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee was the CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines, a position I learnt she served meritoriously and justified the reason why she was the first female African to take that role.

I also learnt that, she was a Minister of State and a Politician under the then PNDC administration.
History thought me that Mama Joyce served 40 glorious years in service to the public and private sector of Ghana.

I still see Mama Joyce actively in the public service. When the pandemic strucked and the President organised some men and women of God to pray at the Jubilee House, I saw Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee actively present at that occasion.

I see Mama Rosalind in every State Occasion meeting Presidents and various influential personalities in the country.

Ghana is set to construct a National Cathedral and I see Mama Joyce as active and vehemently present in the efforts to make this dream a reality.

I thought I knew everything about Mama Joyce until, I heard of Harmonious Chorale and Salt and Light Ministries.

Salt and Light Ministries? I was surprised hearing such a name for the first time. It was so sweet in my ears that I kept repeating it in my mouth.

Then I resorted to find who they are. Amazingly, I saw Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee as the Founder of that Ministry.

I read the vision and mission statement and I concluded, this woman is the Aimee Semple McPherson of our time.

As a lover of choral music, Harmonious Chorale is my favourite choral music group ever. I saw the ever fantastic James Armah Varrick always at the hem of conduct of the performance of the group.

But Interestingly, I kept seeing Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee always present at their events. I saw Mama hosting them every Sunday evening on her Night of Hymns show on Sunny FM.
I kept seeing Harmonious celebrating Mama Joyce.

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Then I resorted to find out who she was to them. Eventhough I felt, perhaps they celebrate her because of her love for hymns and choral music.

Surprisingly, I saw Mama Joyce as the Executive Chairperson of Harmonious Chorale then my conclusion was, this is greatest decision the group has taken and they will never regret and I believe they have never regretted.

I couldn’t finish reading about Rev. Joyce Rosalind Aryee. For me to say she’s a great woman is an understatement.
She’s Greatness in bodily form. She just represents Motivation and Inspiration.

Anytime I set my eyes on her on TV or hear about her, I tend to encourage other young ladies around me to yearn to be great like Mama Joyce.

Rev. Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee, there’s nothing great for me as a young man aspiring to be a great in Ministry, as a young aspiring politician, economist, career diplomat and a public policy Analyst than to have learnt a lot more about you and the impact you’ve made on this nation, the body of Christ, the Continent of Africa and the World..

On your glorious 75th birthday, I wish above all things that the Lord will grant you more grace coupled with good health, longevity of life, and all that you desire.

I would like to end with the Methodist Hymn: MHB 896

“NOW praise we great and famous men ,
The fathers named in story;
And praise the Lord who now as then ,
Reveals in man His glory.”


Happy 75th Birthday: Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters Eulogies the Iconic Rev. Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee
Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters

By Edmund Eyram Afun-Peters

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