Save us from Landguards – South Macmarthy Hill Residents appeal to President Akufo-Addo

Residents of South MacCarthy Hill in Accra, have sent an SOS message to President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to speedily come to their aid by saving them from the hands of landguards who are disturbing their peace.

According to them, these landguards comprising “Macho men” emanating from groups from different destinations frequent the place constantly to harass them. Notable among their groups are Weija, Oblogo, Gbawe, James Town and Sempe.

They maintained that the groups frequent them and demand various sums of money ranging from GH¢ 200 to GH¢ 2,000.00 from them. These amounts which are termed “digging fees” include even painting of one’s own house and failure to pay attracts harassment and beatings. The situation they say worsens when one is seen undertaking new constructional works on his house or land.

Meanwhile, these payments are not accompanied with any receipts, as these lands on which they reside have been already paid for long ago with documents to support. They say cannot therefore contemplate where these landguards and payments come from.

This came to light following investigations by as a result of complaints obtained from distress calls from affected residents. The residents were quick to point their fingers to one Pampanku, a notorious landgurad, who had crowned himself as the chief of Mallam Junction, putting up a so-called palace basically under the overpass of the George Bush Highway (N1 Highway) at Mallam Junction.

Under the stool name Asafoatse Okofrobour/Okogyebor/Yentioaso, he is beleived to have ascended to that controversial stool in connaivance with the James Town/ngleshie Alata Stool. According to our information, the self-styled chief is a member of the National Security, hence his abrasive skirmishes

The distressed residents subsequently appealed to the President through the Minister of National Security and Interior to investigate the issue and let them have their peace of mind from their tormentors.

According to the residents they left some telephone numbers but calls on these proved futile one such number is 0544654691/0243122885/0242506008.

The Assemblyman for the area Clement Adjei when contacted stated that he had received official complaints from the landlords Association in the area, and was going to deal with the situation at the Assembly.

Don’t pay them anything. Report them to the police – Nii Boye I

When the newly installed chief for the area- Gbawe Sakumono SenTse, Nii Boye I was contacted, he that directed affected residents should not pay anything to those land guards, instead they should report them to the police for appropriate action to be taken, Fuming with rage, Nii Boye maintained that all these lands in question belong to the Gbawe Stool. He intimidated that Gbawe has court rulings indicating that lands at Couth MacCarthy Hill and beyond belong to the Gbawe Stool.

Furthermore more, the land on which Papamku has built his so-called Palace (under the over pas) is also pending before court, he subsequently charged the affected residents to demand receipts from their attackers, and ask them to renew their contract agreements if possible.

Nii Boye also charged victim residents to take note that the lands they occupy belong to Gbawe Stool, and they are backed by judicial judgments.

When Supt. Douglas Kumah, Odorkor Police Commander was contacted he said they were not aware of this situation. He urged victims to report cases of this nature to the Police.

It will be recalled that in our 7th January, 2020edition we published this news item “Tension mounts at Mallam Junction as self-styled chief foments trouble using land guards.”

Source: S.O Ankamah



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