Security Expert Suggests Solutions to Togo Unrest

A security expert in Aflao, Emmanuel Akpaloo has cautioned the Togolese opposition to follow laid down procedure and guided principles and rules to press home their concerns rather than throwing stones against the security forces and charged the security forces to also follow the rule of law and stop excessive force against the civilian population.

He said the citizens have the right to stage a demonstration but they must not vent their anger on the security forces which have the mandate to protect them and their interest.

He said: “Togo crisis is reaching a breaking point but we have to be careful, Togo is governed by law and constitutions if any member of the opposition wants to demonstrate or move for reforms I think they must do that diplomatically.”

In an interview with this reporter, Emmanuel Akpaloo mentioned that since Togo is a sovereign nation which has Constitution and laws, the opposition must use those channels to settle their disputes so as not to have the civil unrest in the country to escalate.

Togo oppositions have been calling for reforms over the period but that have been accused of conducting a campaign of violence against the government.

Some people criticized the opposition for failing to effectively stop the violence against the security forces and engage government or dialogue with the government for reforms.

Meanwhile, the military continues to wield considerable power within the country.

However, Emmanuel Akpaloo maintained that there are clear indications that the Togolese Central government wants to minimise the risk of large scale demonstration by the opposition.

“It is not everybody in Togo who is a politician, and it is not everybody that supports the demand of opposition therefore you cannot engaged the whole country to  demonstrate against the government of Togo,” he said.

He believes that what Togo opposition forces are doing cannot happen anywhere around the world despite the fact that they were ruled for decades by the Gnasimgbe Eyadema family.

Togo oppositions, he advised must engage Civil Society Organization and other stakeholders like  U.N, European Union and other sister countries to dialogue with the Togo Central government for the way forward.

“If the Togo oppositions continues to impede dialogue and continues with the repression with the government forces civilians would continue to die,” he said.

He questioned the roles the U. N. is playing to see to the protection of civilians in Togo and to avert humanitarian disaster.

He also averred that the success in establishing peace in Togo would require new strategic dialogue with Togo Central government and that the opposition should follow the right path to reform and stop continue demonstration and violence since anything that heightened tension could jeopardise solution to the conflict.

“The Togolese opposition has a responsibility, so too is the security forces. All must follow the rule of law and stop excessive force against the civilian population,” he said.

Source: Prosper Agbenyega



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