Self-Righteous Bagbin ‘Goes Mad Again’ – Unable to explain Why he gave Juicy Contracts to His NPP Friends and snubbed perceived NDC Contractors.

There is nothing that hasn’t happened recently. We were told that angels were gathering. They are burning with the desire to save the NDC from a certain apocalypse. But we are now seeing familiar vultures congregating, returning with outstretched necks. And wolves have started coming back, not in sheep’s clothing, but as ravenous wolves. I have listened to Bagbin’s outburst and can rightly say he spoke immaturely. For him to have said that Mahama’s appointees bought mansions and V8s was very disgusting and self-deceitful. Alban Bagbin is an integrate because when it became clear that his people had lost confidence in him, it was then President John Mahama and his wife who offered him the needed support to win back the confidence and support of his people. The decision of Bagbin and his followers to attacks John Mahama and peddle falsehood about him and his administration is not only embarrassing but disgraceful. His action is motivated by greed and selfishness. He is not only promoting his personal interest but working for the NPP.

Alban Bagbin is causing disunity in the NDC for selfish reasons, and to make the 2020 contest easy for his newly found friend (NPP). He always want to use his cloak of self-righteousness to keep and hold power over others. To him, the position of ‘Ghana’s President’ is a natural right bestowed on by his maker. He is the only person in the NDC endowed with the wherewithal and wisdom to lead the party and firmly clinging to that life-jacket of self-righteousness and vague pride.

There is no party without its challenges, it is the way we manage our challenges. When we have issues we should not come out aggressively and say what will inflame the party. In opposition, we have to talk more on those things that unite us. Why did I describe him an ingrate…in spite of all the overt and covert moves against John Mahama he still accommodated Bagbin, appointed him into his administration and offered all the supported he needed to retain his seat. His wife, Madam Lordina Mahama as part of their support for the MP and his constituency, donated medical equipment and consumables to the Nadowli-Kaleo District Hospital in the upper west region. The husband made sure the seat was retained by offering Bagbin all the support he needed and I remember how we defied all odds to reach the constituency during the 2016 campaign. The flagbearer John Mahama made sure we got to the place in spite of all the challenges. So does he [Bagbin] remember that dawn when the John Mahama defied the weather, soaked the dew and trumpeted the Bagbin agenda.

And what is this allegations we hearing about appointees of Mahama. They bought mansions and V8s? Bagbin making this reckless allegation? So, it is good and righteous to give juicy contracts to NPP business friends to make billions of dollars profit but sinful for a young person in the NDC to buy a house or a vehicle? Will Bagbin feel comfortable if we start discussing the Job 600 contract? From consultancy to whatever? What about his deals with Michael Krukue the son of a founding father of the NPP and owner of ADK consortium? What about the contracts he gave to his NPP friends when he was at the Health Ministry? All he does is..fraternising with and eulogising the NPP on every step taken and never criticising it, yet always pouring fire and brimstone on his own party. In parliament, he has adopted same attitude…always looking down on his party folks.

Can the self-righteous Bagbin, tell Ghanaians who built his mansion in Wa for him. And who bought him the Mercedes Benz. Can he tell us why the person built the mansion for him and why the Mercedes Benz was bought for him. If he wants us to strictly apply the principle of probity and accountability, we shall help him do that. May be, interrogating these matters and delving into them would help us understand why this man hates John Mahama so so much. For the sale of corporate NDC, we try to bury some of these stuffs but if the original perpetrators want us to revisit them, we shall do that nicely.

Instead of his reckless attacks and pro NPP activities, he should read about Zaccheus in Luke 19:8

“Who, having realised he had cheated the people he was meant to serve, confessed to Jesus:” I will give half my belongings to the poo, and if I have cheated anyone, I will pay him back four times as much”

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow


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