Sports Minister Asiamah Jail-Bound Over Afcon Expenditure

Time is not a good friend of man at at all. Current Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah who breathed hell down the throat of his predecessor in the wake of Black Stars Brazil debacle is jail bound unless he gives concrete and convincing explanation on why visa fees were paid to a country supposed to be visa-free to Ghanaians.

Giving itemised breakdown of the budget spent on the Black Stars in the Africa Cup of Nations campaign to Parliament yesterday, Mr. Asiamah disclosed that $8,541.00 was spent as visa fees. His statement did not give clearer picture of whether it is either Dubai or Egypt. Even a visa fee of US$81 per person for 40-man Black Stars team (comprising 29 players and a combined 11 technical cum medical team) to Dubai will only add up to US$3,240.

Though the Minister could not offer better and further particulars on this very expenditure, Ghanaians have taken to social media to condemn it as a complete thievery, corruption and rip off.

Mallam Yusif Issa, a sports Minister under President Kufuor was jailed in 2001 for four years after he was convicted of two counts of stealing and causing financial loss to the state when $46,000, meant as winning bonuses for the senior national football team got missing.

The court also fined Mallam Issa $1,400 or in default another 12 months in jail. In addition Mallam was to refund the missing $46,000 within one month or face another 12 months in jail.

Image result for Mallam Issah jailed
Mallam Issa (left) went to jail over $46,000
In respect of current Minister Asiamah, the $8,541.00 fees might be small as a whopping $4,564,532.00 was spent during the competition, the shackles of proper accountability will follow him till he vanishes from planet earth.

The itemised breakdown is so questionably stinking that only a proper accounting procedure can put matters to rest. Mr. Asiamah can do himself some good if he shames any staff under him who might have smuggled thievery and greed into the figures he presented to Parliament.

Time indeed is not a good friend of man. Advisedly, one must be careful when criticising evils others do. The other leg is to consider safeguard measures for you not to trap yourself in those same evils.

Check out the breakdown of expenditure Asiamah presented to Parliament yesterday;

1. Airfare – $924,168.00

2. Per diem -Players $187,050.00
3. Per diem – Technical Staff $129,600.00

4. Per diem-Additional Technical Staff $90,750.00

5. Winning Bonus-Players $965,405.00

6. Winning Bonus-Technical $347,027.00

7. Winning Bonus-Additional Technical Staff $177,000.00

8. Accommodation $1,143,519.00

9. Feeding $419,300.00

10. Match tickets $41,750.00

11. Medicals $44,574.00

12. Visa fees $8,541.00

13. Internal Transportation $43,092.00

14. Incidentals $42,576.00

Total: $4,564,352.00

What are incidental amanfour????
$42,000+ can not be itemized but classified as indencidentals🙆🏻‍♀

Internal transport for how many weeks? Were they flying to the stadium???

Almost 1/2 a million dollars on food a lone eiiii Ghana.

With all these gargantuan spending, we expect our donor partners to keep dishing out monies to us.

By Livingstone Pay-Charlie – July 25, 20190

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