St. Fedelis SHS cries for Support from Government

The Headmaster of the St. Fidelis Senior High Technical School in the District capital of the Kwahu Afram Plains South, Hillarius Ameworwor, has appealed to government, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Old Students of the school to assist in enhancing the infrastructural image of the school.

In an interview with, he said the school which was the only Senior High School serving the people of the Afram Plains South before the establishment of a Community Day Senior High School in Maame Krobo, has not received any major developmental project since its establishment in 1992 by the Roman Catholic Missionaries.

“This school can only boast of three in one dormitory each for boys and girls serving over 280 boarders which is very disturbing. Now our dining hall cannot contain our students population because it is about 50 capacity space dining hall which I am told was built and donated by the Afram Community Bank (ACBank) during the establishment of the school some 26 years back” he lamented.

The headmaster added that “as we speak now, the latest vehicle for the headmasters movement is about 12 years old, our vehicles are not of good standing so they are out of road, the bus is broken down, the Mahindra Pick-up cannot cross the Afram River because if you are not careful it will not bring you back. We always hire buses for our students, teachers even the headmaster has to go on official meetings with a public transport which I think is not the best”.

He stressed that “we have limited classroom blocks, no teachers Bungalow, Our library is manageable even though its not standardized”.

These infrastructural deficits Hillarius Ameworwor said have gone a long way to affect the enrollment of the school over the years.

He revealed that until the introduction of the free Senior high School, St Fidelis Senior High School which scored 70% in the 2017 WASSCE exams use to admit students for the whole year but the terrain changed after the policy’s introduction which has helped raise the enrollment of the school to where it is today as he boast of 624 student population with 277 boarding facility both for boys and girls.

“We should be able to put up a fence wall around the school to prevent encroachers from encroaching the vast land reserved for development of the school but where is the money” he asked.

Hilarius who is barely two years old in the schools ceased the opportunity to show appreciation to the Afram Community Bank for their continuous support to the school in constructing of a dining hall, the World Vision, the District Assembly, MPs, Sikkens Paints and the Catholic Bishop of Donkorkrom Catholic Apostolic Vicariate for their various donations and infrastructure upgrade.

The headmaster also acknowledged the efforts and supports the Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEIP) to the School.

“I owe a sincere gratitude to the initiators of this Secondary Education Improvement Project being financed by the world Bank which I understand is to support raise the standard of deprived Secondary Schools in the country” he said.

He explained that “you see all these good things here, it is all because of SEIP Programme even though the school needs more support I should recommend them, and in fact they are the backbone of St. Fidelis SHS”.

Again, with World Bank’s support Programme the headmaster said, “the headmaster’s office, the library, the staff room, our computer laboratory; all have seen some sort of renovation even though it is not standard. We can boast of a brand new three unit classroom block, a place of convenience, a mechanized borehole with a polytank for water”.

Hillarius Ameworwor bitterly complained about an abandoned 12 unit classroom story building block being funded by the Getfund that has been left to rot whiles the school is in dire need of classrooms.

However, the schools academic performance is encouraging. In recent years it has not been cited for poor performance as other schools. The school is also a force to reckon with in the field of sporting activities in Eastern Region.

He then appealed to benevolent organizations to come to the aid of the school.

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