STATE LAND LOOTING: More names popping up in Nii Osa Mills, Peter Amewu, Asoma-Cheremeh case

...several other former and current government officials to be named.

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Ghanaians deserve to know those who abused public office for private gains; the classic definition of CORRUPTION.

Ghanaians deserve JUSTICE, but cannot expect the COURT to administer justice when some JUDGES including Chief Justices themselves are involved in the Land Looting.

What is the motivation for any judgement?

An aspects of Article 20 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which relates to “Public Purpose” was interpreted to mean “Public Interest” thus favoured the Land Looters and shortchange the original Land Owners whose property rights were to be protected.

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Justice Sophia Akuffo and Justice Georgina Woode both had Article 146 PETITIONS for their removal because they were fraudulently allocated State Lands along with others thus unfit to empanel judges to dispense JUSTICE in such cases.

Most bizarre judgements the world over have been delivered by bias JUDGES thus the need to recuse oneself when interested in a particular case.

Justice Sophia Akufo paid a paltry GHc7000 for Prime Cantonments lands worth millions which she, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and several others were fraudulently allocated more than a year before she sat in judgement of the Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey Ridge Bungalow case.

Justice Sophia Akuffo ruled against Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey in the Ridge Bungalow case but did not return the STOLEN PRIME CANTONMENTS STATE LAND like Georgina Woode returned the STOLEN PRIME AIRPORT STATE LAND which was subsequently used to build the current Foreign Affairs Ministry office complex.

The Lands Commission in connivance with some Landguards such as Clemence Gyato and Anyok Holdings have been giving off portions of State Lands…

Some crooked Lawyers and Businessmen have been acting as facilitators, euphemism for Goro-Boys for Ministers and other high profile personalities including chiefs engaged in lucrative business of stealing and selling lands.

These Goro-Boys lobby various government officials especially Lands Ministers under successive governments and lure them into the CORRUPT enterprise of dubbling in stealing and selling State lands…

ACT 1036 has criminalized the above Goro-Boys business and demanded TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY IN ALL LAND TRANSACTIONS imposing fines and prison sentences on offenders including Landguards and their sponsors.

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The Cantonments Civil Aviation Lands and the Kpletso Military annexation of Lands holds the key to unearthing the real faces behind the syndicate of LAND THIEVES.

The Ghana Police must make public the Investigation into the people who are developing the Cantonments Civil Aviation Lands.

The proponents of the New Accra City Project will give clarity to why the Ghana Armed Forces are being used as Landguards to forcibly steal and build on land that Government has not acquired as required by law and the constitution…

The relocation of some military installation on the STOLEN PRIME LANDS near the illegal Military Cemetery is to pave way for stealing hundreds of acres of Prime Lands in the name of the Military by some individuals…

The Defence Minister must speak directly to this relocation and confirm if indeed the Lands Minister wrote to him to stop the Military developing the disputed Kpletso Lands…

The New Accra City Project is expected to annex PRIME LANDS including lands currently occupied by the Ghana Armed Forces and Ghana Police Service, DVLA, the 37 Taxi and Trotro Station…

The Lands Minister must speak directly to this relocation and confirm if indeed he wrote to the Defence Minister to stop the Military developing the disputed Kpletso Lands…

The demolitions at Santor, Katamanso and East Legon yesterday by Landguards and the deployment of Police and Military must be probed.

The Inspectator General of Police and Military High Command must speak directly to this relocation, annexation of Lands at Kpletso amid shooting and assault and make public their respective investigations Reports on the Kpletso and Cantonments Civil Aviation Lands.

The list of Goro-Boys and the Public Officials who they served under various governments will be published.


By Prince Derek Adjei

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