Statement by Center for Victims of Injustice on Brutalities meted out on a Mother and Baby by a Police Officer

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The Centre for Victims of Injustice, Ghana (CenVI,GH) has viewed with shock and dismay, a video circulating on social media in respect of an incident which allegedly occurred at a Bank in Accra.

The said video viewed by the Centre shows a woman with a baby being beaten and abused by a police officer in a Banking Hall.

The woman we understand went to the bank to withdraw some money she saved with the said bank.

CenVI,GH is horrified that a police officer, whose constitutional role is to among others ensure the safety of persons, should brutalise the very persons he is duty-bound to protect, with such impunity. We condemn the cruel and brutal conduct of the police officer in no uncertain terms.

The conduct of the police officer is awful, terrible, despicable and disgraceful, and we hereby wish to reiterate that these act of crime poses a danger to our national security and safety.

We wish to empathise with the victim of the assault for the traumatic experience she and her innocent baby went through, and to stress that under no circumstance should any person(s) be subjected to such brutalities.

CenVI,GH wish to further state that the security of all citizens is not only a fundamental human right enshrined in our Constitution, but it is also integral to ensuring the rule of law. Article 15 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana demands respect for the dignity of all persons.

What the woman and her baby went through was clearly a violation of her dignity and self-worth, and no police officer has the right to do that to her, regardless of what might have occasioned it.

We have taken notices of the swift arrest of the suspect by the Police Administration and wishes to assert that the matter should be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate sanctions applied.

It is our call that, security officers who under the guise of ensuring law and order attack, assault and brutalize citizens should not escape the arm of the law and victims of such dehumanization must receive justice and adequate compensation.


21 – 07 – 18

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