Statement by Concerned Youths of Western Togoland (CYWTL)

…on issues of resource exploitation on our land by the republic of Ghana and Other matters

To All media houses Home and Abroad.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.

We the citizens and the concerned youths of Western Togoland of which the volta region is part wish to draw the attention of the world and the government of the Republic of Ghana that in reference to the agreement signed by the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations Organizations,

‘The Mandatary Agreement’ and ‘The Trusteeship agreement’ signed between the League of Nations/UNO on one side and the French and the British on the other side, challenging the later to Nurture the newly curved nations (Western Togoland and Eastern Togoland) to independence is still very fresh in our minds and for peace and harmony to prevail we want to remind the Government of Ghana to take a second look at those documents and stay off the resources of the land!

In the agreement the resources are not to be tempered with until we the people of Western Torgoland (of which the Volta region is part) decide to use it on our own after we gain our independence.

We are by this press release entreating the Government of Ghana to;

  1. Go back and clear their stand on why they want to violate such provisions by the UN.
  2. Why are they silent on the agreement after the 50 years of the unestablished Union has since passed ten (10) years on?

(as a reminder, the half block of the Torgo land which is the present day Republic of Togo formally Eastern Torgoland has being nurtured by France and has since being granted independence why not in the case of Western Torgo land?)

On another very important note we the sons and daughters of the land wish to remind the government and the Attorney General as well as the Chief Justice that we are closely monitoring the trial of three of our elders at the Ho high court, the constant monthly adjournment! On the ground of evidence!

You charge someone with treason the highest crime charge of the land while you don’t have evidence or you are now looking for evidence?!

We are watching!

We would still maintain our patience and give sometime to the wheel of justice but to remind that wheel and whoever is ridding it to be innovative else we might run out of patience and the outcome might be bitter!

If thugs can invade a court at Kumasi and interfere with the work of the legal system the only place to seek refuge when in distress, all we could be told later was that these thugs were freed on the count of a lack of evidence while there are many evidence to that effects, The case was thrown out on the charge of a ‘Nolle prose qui’, our question is what evidence is the Attorney General looking for to prove their own treasonable charge against our elders? In reference to the above, we wish to appeal to Amnesty International and all human right advocacy bodies to show interests in this trial case of our old elders!

We don’t want to take the law into our own hands because we are law abiding citizens from HOGBE (our pre-historic ancestry home) but don’t push us!

We wish to let the world know unequivocally that we the sons and daughters of the land are very much familiar with history and will do everything humanly and spiritually possible to gain our self rule from Ghana.

The intimidation that is continuously being meted out on us, the insults, the constant reminder by high profile citizens like the MPs of Ghana that we are not Ghanaians, calling for our killing (known officials of the present government are on tape and video verbally abusing our image) and referring to us as non humans are all very fresh in our minds and is getting out of hand!.

We have contained this for far too long and now we are ready to sacrifice! for our freedom! any attempt by any Chief or any politician on the count of being bribed to agree with the Republic of Ghana to further deepen our woes by tempering with our resources at the Keta and Aflao basins and other places on the land will be forcefully rejected!.

We are however calling on the government in the interest of peace and harmony to rather facilitate the debates on whether we should get back to the Union as directed by UNO carried by the plebiscite commission of 1956, which States that;

  1. The people of Western Togoland must decide whether to get into Union with the Gold coast (Ghana) or separate from it.
  2. And that if Union is chosen, the working of the Union should be clearly laid down in a memorandum of understanding endorsed by the two States.
  3. And a constitution for the Unionized States be drawn.

We will love to have this debate than any other unnecessary attack on our elders and anyone who wish to remind the world about our history and to call for the right things be done so far as our resources are concerned.



Release our Fathers Now!

Thank you all.





Secretary (C.Y.W.T.L)




024 334 4956




024 411 8649





Government of Ghana.



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4 thoughts on “Statement by Concerned Youths of Western Togoland (CYWTL)

  • 30th May 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Very good let the right things be done history is history.
    Let the government do the right thing!!!!!

    • 31st May 2017 at 12:14 am

      If this is the will of God let no one stand in the way.No man can stand against the will of God.
      Ask the prophets and receive advice and wisdom.

  • 31st May 2017 at 12:32 am

    Veritas liberat(the truth shall set you free)

  • 31st May 2017 at 7:36 am

    For the majority who voted to be in union with Ghana were bribed the CPP that is why bribery and corruption is high in Ghana.

    I want my freedom now so if am in Ghana I know am a foreigner.
    Not claim to be in my country and even a child born today will be pointing fingers in my eyes that am not a Ghanaian.
    Such actions tells me to search for my origin and I have done so, so my freedom now!!!


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