Statement: Highest Level of Unprofessionalism Exhibited by a Journalist and a Female for that matter 

Multimedia may have apologised!

Ex President Dramani Mahama may have forgiven!

The NDC may have been calmed!
But the worrying question is “How much longer?”

How much longer are we going to entertain such high level of disrespect for one another?

How much longer should we accept usage of abusive language on each other followed by an apology?

How much longer should people be hailed for showing gross disrespect?

CWG register dissatisfaction with the current turn of events as a female journalist decided to play the bully at a time we as Women group came to the defense of two female journalists who were subjected to unsavory attacks by two gentlemen known in the public eye.

We treat it with distain, the unwarranted attack on Former President John Mahama by the female journalist, Nana Akua Acheampongmaa Sarfo-Adu of Asempa FM who could not find more pressing issues to discuss on her programme Kanewu but chose to wrestle her thoughts over former president Mahama’s decision to weed a bush in his vicinity.

Nana Akua Acheampongmaa Sarfo-Adu’s strong abusive language sends an inconceivable question running the minds of Ghanaians and her posture and put-down attitude reflect poorly on her character as a journalist.

Her approach was unethical, wrong in principle, problem solving mismatch, illogical and super contradictory.

Multimedia is a big name, they should and must ensure unprofessionals do not dilute the successes they have chalked over the years.

Asempa FM should not end the story with just an apology. This journalist deserves ZERO airtime on that radio station and a corner bench to watch and learn from her seniors.

We commend Multimedia for the timely intervention and we salute the former president for showing maturity in his response to the apology rendered him.

It had gotten to that point where one must damn the consequences and attack indecency.

God bless us all!!!


Annette Enyo


Concerned Women, Ghana (CWG) 

13th November, 2019

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