Stephen Ntim’s Leaked Tape and attack on Akufo-Addo caused his Defeat – PIRAN

Prior to the NPP’s National Delegates’ Conference, our polls of late last year put Stephen Ntim at 58%, ahead of Freddie Blay and other contestants. However, his fortunes begun to dwindle when a leaked tape emerged with Mr. Ntim accusing the president of cajoling him to step aside for Alhaji Short and expressed his anger and frustration to his audience, vowing never to allow himself to be treated like, the suspended Chairman Paul Afoko.

The content of the tape made delegates believe the perceived antagonism with the President and concluded on a possibility of past events that resulted in Mr. Afoko’s suspension.

The tape projected Mr. Ntim as someone who cannot be trusted with secrets as many delegates see that as an embarrassment to the President and a betrayal of trust.

The President’s silence was golden and a display of maturity. While Mr. Ntim tries to justify his claim though needless, he (Ntim) should have realized the recorder carefully did that to rundown his campaign as the said impostor knew of the possible outcome and the negative impact it will have on Ntim’s campaign.

The above scenario pushed many government officials and Party executives to openly intensify campaign for Mr. Blay and painted Mr. Ntim as someone who cannot work with the president and must not be voted for.

The open display of bias for a candidate or against a candidate from the Presidency and Government official such as Members of Parliament, Ministers MMDCE’s et al is an unhealthy practice that needs to be avoided in future elections.

By PIRAN’S observation and conclusion Alhaji Short’s withdrawal from the race and the open endorsement of five regions of the three northern regions and central and western regions also weakened Mr. Ntim’s base to favour Mr. Blay.

Despite another bitter defeat caused by a machination of Government and Party Executives not to allow a Perceived enemy to assume the chairmanship of the Party, Mr. Ntim gathered courage to concede defeat and congratulated the victor; a feat we will commend him for.

We therefore wish to congratulate the New Patriotic Party for a peaceful and successful conference, but open bias of the officialdom should be avoided.

Yours faithfully
Felix Djan Foh,
President. Piran-gh

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