Stop pretending you’re the Messiah and help Nurture the Free SHS Policy for Good – Oscar Bedzra fires Akamba Youth of the NDC .

A student activist and former General Secretary of TEIN-NDC, Oscar Komla Bedzra, has lambasted the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over what he described as “the Messiah behaviour in opposition” .

According to him, he realised that, the NDC does not appreciate most policies introduced by the current government especially the Free Senior High School Policy currently running. He made this point during a phone interview with a Kumasi based radio station.

Oscar stated emphatically that, haven been the General Secretary of the party on campus and out of campus, he has realised that majority of NDC gurus do not stand with the free SHS not because of how it has been implemented, but because it has provided secondary education to Ghanaian children of school going age.

“I can tell you most of the NDC gurus; a large number of former government appointees are not in agreement with the Free Senior High School policy because of how it has provided the means for the poor to have access to Free Senior High school education.

“That is why the NDC as a party is doing everything humanly possible to ensure this policy doesn’t become successful,” he stated

“I want to send a strong warning to the so-called Akamba youth or group, whatever they call it, to be very much circumspect in their utterances because the NDC gurus can cause you to go against the goodwill of the society”.

He went on to advice the NDC to be circumspect in criticising the policy so as to bring on board constructive criticism .

“I can only advice the so-called Akamba youth and the entire NDC to think twice in their utterances in order to ensure the growth of this policy that has given means of secondary education to most young Ghanaians of school going age” .

He said he will ensure the policy is being criticised by well meaning Ghanaians and not persons like NDC gurus and former appointees who are always bent on frustrating policies of the current administration in the name of power ahead of 2020.

He revealed that Joshua Akamba haven been dismissed from the Armed forces for fraud according to an internally disclosed source cannot criticise policies of a sitting government .

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