Suaman Assemblyman calls for the services of Operation Vanguard

The Assembly member for Suaman District in the Western region – Paul Boahene, has appealed to the government for the services of Military Taskforce code named ‘Operation Vanguard’ in the district.

He expressed frustrations of his colleagues and Cocoa farmers in the district following nefarious activities of illegal small scale farmers popularly known as galamseyers in the district.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch at Dadieso, Mr Boahene appealed to the government to come to their aid to curb the menace of the galamseyers activities in the area.

According to him the galamseyers have invaded the Suaman District in their numbers and have polluted the Bia River with their illegal gold expedition on the water bodies which has been the major source of water for residents there.

He said all efforts by the residents to drive them away with Police security and the youth have proven unsuccessful since the galamseyers often outnumber the security and the youth groups.

He said the galamseyers have adopted a subtle way of digging beneath the cocoa tree farms using an illegal mechanism of GPS to prospect for gold ornaments without the consent of farm owners thereby depriving farmers of their hard earned investments.

“They have also created enmity between the country’s neighborhood Coted d ivore who have sent strong warnings to the DCE to curb their activities else they would advise themselves if nothing is done to stop them”

Corroborating the story, Christian Baah, DCE for the area maintained that the illegal activities of the galamseyers has brought farming activities to a standstill as farmer do not get clean water for their farming activities.

He said his outfit has done every means within their mandate to curb their nefarious activities but to no avail.

The DCE admited that his Ivorian Counterpart had sent emissaries to him to protest on the pollutants of Bia river which also serve the people of Côte divore

According Baah his Ivorian counterpart had petitioned Prof Frimpong Boateng, Minister responsible for Science and Environments over the issue

Source: Kwesi Coomson, Dadieso W/R

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