Support Men led CSOs in the fight against Gender based Violence – Botsyeo

National Coordinator for White Ribbon Ghana, has called on the government and other donor agencies to consider supporting male led organizations that work with men to end gender base violence in Ghana.

Mr. Derick Botsyoe, National Coordinator for White Ribbon Ghana, an organization that engages men on issues of violence against women and children stated the need for collaborations among men led organizations with the main purpose of getting more men on board the agenda of ending all forms of gender based violence. He says “it’s important for government and donor agencies to understand the significance of men involvement in ending Gender base violence in the country”

According to him, male led organizations must consider collaborations in their quest to engage men in working to end Gender base violence in the country. “We have dedicated our efforts to improving society and must see each organization working in this field as partners for the promotion and achievement of that singular objective of making our society a better place for all especially women and children” he said.

Speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview, Mr Derick Botysoe indicated that the reluctance of donor agencies and governments in supporting works involving men in ending Gender based violence is very much frustrating.

According to him, “Government and donor agencies prefer to support the works of women organizations to the detriment of Men led ones because they believe women need the support most. Unfortunately they forget that when you give all the funding to the women led movements and organizations without considering the need for the men who are mainly the perpetrators of these gender based violence, the job is just halve done” he said.

He added that “women organizations truly needs the support to teach the vulnerable women and girls all the red flags and technics however if the man is not engaged to see the need for change, these empowerment programs might not achieve results” he again said.

He suggested that, there is a need for a support system for men organizations that are working to end violence against women and children in Ghana.

Mr. Botsyoe clarified that, White Ribbon Ghana is part of the worldwide white ribbon movement of men working to end gender based violence by swearing a pledge and wearing a white ribbon to signify their commitment of making society a safer place by not committing or remaining silent about issues of Gender based violence in their communities.

He concluded that, White Ribbon Ghana works with men on challenging harmful masculinity(Toxic masculinity), Care giving and gender equality as the drivers to get men to appreciate the need for change in attitude and serve as watch dogs on other men in their communities, because the number of men that engage in violence on women are in the minority and the majority of men who do not support such acts must then be supported to rise up to the occasion.

He says that “the only reason evil will persist is when good men do nothing” and again called on men to engage in ending all forms of gender based violence in their communities and the country as a whole.

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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