Tamale: Robbers overpower Police, Impound their Weapons

Police on duty at a snap-check in Tamale, on Sunday found themselves on the wrong side of the element of surprise when some armed men suspected to robbers overwhelmed them and impounded their weapons.

Constables Samuel Yeboah, Maduku Amoh and Brigitte Detornu who were detailed to Kpkayili as part of the Police’ Operation Calm Life, had to drop their weapons and throw their hands up in the air under the command of the gunmen, numbering three.

They were said to have stormed the checkpoint in a saloon car and started firing rounds of warning shots in the air, before confiscating the AK 47 rifles of the Police said to be loaded with 20 rounds of ammo each.

The incident has since been reported to the Northern regional Police Command. It also comes as part of a climate of insecurity and impunity that has enveloped Ghana since 2017. The humiliated Police command has since refused to comment.

Media reports monitored by WhatsUp News quote eyewitnesses as saying that the three Police officers had been taken unawares because they were engrossed with their mobile phones in the line of duty, apparently chatting and following social media when the three gunmen pulled by and carried out the daring-do.
“The Police were here, and they were just looking inside their phones and chatting on their phones. Then we heard about three warning shots and later the armed robbers just came and passed,” a pump attendant at a filling station nearby said.
That fuel station, which is near the snap check-point has been robbed in the past.

Source: Whatsup News

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