Is anybody paying attention to a new political party called GUM?

One year ago today, I asked Ghanaians “I wonder if you are all paying attention to a new political party called Ghana Union Movement (GUM). Well, I have. It is led by one pastor named Christian Kwabena Andrews, popularly known as Osofo Akyiri Abosom (The Fetish Catcher/Exorcist).

He is founder of the Life Assembly Worship Centre, with branches in Accra and Kumasi. His main message is that both the NDC and NPP are spent forces, having wasted glorious opportunities Ghana’s first President bequeathed us.

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His TV station, called Fire TV, mainly transmits contrasting videos of our economic circumstances in the first and second republics with that of the fourth republic, sometimes with those of our independent era comparator countries, to indicate the needless gulf between us.

And then, there is plenty air time on TV dedicated to evangelising, spiritual and political, with loads of testimonies of Osofo Akyiri Abosom’s divine impartation that breaks the burdening yoke of eternal curses and poverty-wrecking demons of his teeming followers amidst drumming and dancing- with decibels of the clanging cymbals of chuch instruments, that itself could drive away unsuspecting demons.

The other cohort of testimony givers are those who believe they are politically orphaned from the spoils of NDC-NPP behemoths. They are a hilarious lot really- from chanting the motto of the GUM party ” wob3te gum” to a corruption of Medikal’s lyrics “Omu da” to “Omu adaday3n” meaning of course that the two major paties have been deceiving us for a significant while.

Is anybody paying attention to a new political party called GUM?
Is anybody paying attention to a new political party called GUM?

They swear by GUM that they will eviscerate the NPP and NDC at the 2020 polls- of course with a lot of spiritual help and its commodification in the following products Osofo Akyiri Abosom sells to his followers-
Protection Oil, Curses and Convenant Breaking Oil, Delivery Oil, Breakthrough Oil, Healing Water and finally Power and Authority Oil, I believe the main oil that will ultimately deliver power unto Osofo Akyiri Abosom and his followers in 2020. Only I believe the GRA must pay him a visit on the number of oils he’d be selling between now and 2020…wob3te gum, wob3te gum, wob3te gum. …2020 dierr eb3y3 kikim…eb3y3 pimsoooo…GUM!!!”

By Franklin Cudjoe



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