The 2020 bye bye Budget has no Plan and Vision for the Six newly created Regions

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It was very deleterious heartbreaking for Nana Addo and his club of thieves and robbers to present the bye bye budget without considering and outlining the development of the six newly created regions in any of the 152 pages budget presented yesterday.

The development of the six newly created regions was not captured in the budget, we don’t have regional coordinating councils, we don’t have enough tertiary institutions, our roads and water system is nothing good to write home about, there are a lot of basic needs we are lacking and this has made the lives of the people very melancholic, yet Nana Addo and his cousin Ken Ofori Attah careless.

There are many socially unfriendly problems facing us, especially we in the Oti region, our roads are very bad, no water for the people, Eg. The fire service department of Nkwanta south municipality is facing severe water crisis, they have to write a proposal to world vision, an NGO in the district for water, why then should we have a budget of 152 pages without addressing this humanly unfriendly problems facing the people and even government agencies?

The ‘bye bye budget’ has refuse to outlined developmental plans in the six newly created regions, should all be about creating regions alone? when regions are created and not developed, what’s the sense in the creation?

I was expecting the CEO of Data bank and the founder of the enterprise insurance group who doubled as the finance minister of the Nana Addo led Akyem people government to tell us when work shall be commenced to build the regional coordinating councils, bungalows and other facilities needed as a new region, but it was unfortunate I heard only cooked and forged figures on economy performance just to throw dies into the eyes of the ordinary Ghanaian.

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No plan, vision or hope for the six newly created regions in the bye bye budget read yesterday, unnecessary jokes was the only thing done successfully on the floor of the parliament house by the PDS finance minister, should politicians or leaders keep using untruthful GDP, inflation, exchange rates, fiscal deposits and other economic jagons as achievement in the expense of the extreme poverty and hardships in the system? What do Ghanaians gain from single digits inflations when still purchasing goods and services at a higher cost?

A budget which supposed to account to the people on government achievement with their taxes and the plans for the future, was unfortunately limited and devalued to jokes and lies, it was sad.

We have 12 regional ministers and their deputies in the six newly created regions who are still sleeping in the hotels with our taxes due to unavailable bungallows to house them, but we have a budget that couldn’t outline any plan to house this ministers to save the Ghanaian tax payers monies on big hotels bills by these 12 ministers, such an insensitve and visionless budget.

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We in the Oti region has our own plans towards the Npp, we are far above lies and smart plays, we shall go for a president who’s ready to shower the region with capital infrastructure.

Nana Addo promised to construct a bridge from Dambai to kete- Krachi, I was expecting to hear plans on that promise but I was left hopeless, but time shall tell.

The bye bye budget will soon leave and leave forever.

Thank you all

Abraham Boafo

Oti regional deputy communication officer NDC


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