The Chorkor Beach Revellers are not fools (Part 2) – Romeo Adzah writes

Update on Chorkor per Citi TV reportage

The people need more education and sensitisation along enforcement of the guidelines by the state. Refreshing to see security men detailed to patrol the beach and sensitisation efforts upped by the state to the extent of even using helicopters 🚁. On a humourous note , some of the residents interviewed said they don’t like the food being shared ; they want fried potatoes and KFC 😆

We need more cinema vans to increase our sensitisation efforts in the country,particularly on community engagements (campaigns) to complement the use of community radio stations. We should not be under the illusion, not for once, that all citizens are informed on the dangers of this pandemic. You’ll be shocked to hear the things they say.

If the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has only two cinema vans(stationed in Accra) to sensitise and educate citizens across the country on national issues, it tells you how serious the situation is. It is important to commend the Church of Pentecost and Citi TV for assisting the sensitisation efforts of the NCCE by providing 10 cinema vans and two pick-ups respectively.

Also worth mentioning is the laudable initiative of the MP of North Tongu, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa for rebranding his party’s constituency vehicles to sensitise his constituents on the dangers of Covid-19. The two leading political parties ,NDC and NPP, particularly their MPs must take a cue from this progressive move and replicate same across the country. What is the point in allowing party vehicles to park idle in all constituencies across the country when our people need more education and sensitisation on Covid-19 at a time when the NCCE is incapacitated in that regard? Let’s mobilise and organise and use the resources at our disposal-this is the time.

It is also refreshing to see pictures of residents of some communities in Accra benefiting from the food distribution exercise by government, orderly sat on chairs 🪑 spaced beautifully in adherence to social distancing (SD) as they wait for their turn to be served hot meals by officials of NADMO. This is a far departure from videos seen earlier where our fathers,mothers ,brothers and sisters had to run over each other and struggle for food by making mockery of SD.

This latest development is testament to a compelling reality: Once there’s leadership and structures carefully designed and enforced , people easily conform and comply to bring order and sanity. There may be few deviants but that’s why laws are made to take care of them by way of punishments. Our people are not fools. Let’s not be quick in labelling and attacking them.

People who are protesting in some parts of the country against the use of facilities in their communities as isolation centres for suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases must be engaged and not called names. They are not selfish ,not mad either. Their actions are borne out of fears ,myths, misinformation and sometimes plain ignorance. It is our duty to engage them and assuage their fears by providing them information through education and sensitisation.

Our people have always had communal and fellow feeling and they’re always ready to even sacrifice the little they have for the collective good. Don’t insult and attack them ,engage them-that’s the progressive way : the path way to bringing everyone on board to fighting this looming danger. It’s so easy to attack ,anyone can do it. No one gets a gold medal for that.

We must all continue to keep observing SD, wash our hands frequently,use sanitisers, stay home, stay safe and checking up on each other in this unusually difficult times. There are people just around us and others far off whom we know are struggling to make ends meet-remember to be a blessing to them in whatever way. As the Bible reminds us -whatever we do to the least of our brothers , we do it for God. This life, is fleeting, my brother. Keep spreading the love ,my sister.

Source: Romeo Adzah Koku Dowokpor

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