The Death of President Atta-Mills: Were John Mahama & the NDC Complicit?

Having committed NDC to terrorism by the admission that theirs was a party whose violence cannot be matched as a tried and tested example of an insurgent group of bandits in all spheres and realms, John Mahama’s false reaction to President Mill’s death, albeit unimpressively lazy, is what we refer to as a case of petitio principii especially when the issue of innocence is driven the way of criminals of the umbrella party; but the nation, generally, is highly convinced that the upper echelons of the NDC party may be guilty or complicit in the saga of the alleged murder of President Atta-Mills of blessed memory.

Many unanswered questions continue to loom as a dark cloud over the conscience of Ghanaians for not having deciphered the complex matter with which many conspiracy theories have blurred our vision and bamboozled the majority of right thinking Ghanaians, causing a confusion of the senses and a clash of haphazard thoughts. But the unheard story is more intriguing. It raises more suspicion as to how it all started. The very end of the tale is rather more perplexing, an indictment of the NDC and its hierarchy notwithstanding the possible complicity of John Dramani Mahama and his oligarchy of criminals.

You see, at a point in time, I am told, the late President Atta-Mills used the swimming pool at his neighbour’s residence. As soon as he dipped himself in, he screamed that his eyes were hurting and could barely see. The water was allegedly poisoned. Soon after, he was rushed to South Africa for attention. Just at about the same time that he was on the gurney at the hospital for surgery, Spio Gabrah accessed him on phone, I am informed. Apparently late President Atta-Mills went off during the conversation, which prompted Spio to make the announcement that the President had passed away. This was an indication that they were eager to have the President go to his Maker, if you ask me.

He would soon be forced to render an apology. And so he did!

Gbevlo Lartey was a gentleman. He was loyal to the State, and to the late Atta-Mills. When he realised that the John Mahama mafia was not helping matters for the ailing President, he directed that he be sent to Peduase Lodge to be kept under scrutiny. The explicit orders were that no one was allowed to disturb him. In the event that anyone needed urgent access to him, they would have to seek permission from Gbevlo. This security procedure became necessary in order to save the frail President.

However, the heartless stooges of the NDC, knowing that President Atta-Mills would succumb to pressure, allegedly bulldozed their way to Peduase to force him to sign certain sensitive documents. That was when he flared up, asking Asiedu Nketia, Nii Oko Vanderpuye, Kwesi Ahoi, and others why they were putting him under such stress? At the time, Gbevlo Lartey was on his way to China. By the time he arrived at his destination, he was briefed on the sad state of affairs where Atta-Mills was present at a function looking like the walking dead.

Unfortunately, it was a matter of a few hours that the demise of the President was announced. However, from the narrative that made the rounds, it was said that 15 accomplices strangled him at one time. As blood oozed from his mouth, he was crying, “abdzen abadzen!!!” As if to add insult to injury, credible information claimed that he was bundled up in the back of a taxi and sent to the maternity ward of the 37 military hospital. Everyone remembers that, or do we have short memories as John Mahama said?

How???? How??? A dead president maltreated in life as he was in death was too painful. I shall continue to cry for him until the accomplices are arrested and sent to the gallows, John Mahama included.

Prior his demise, one lady from a company called “blue……” (if you know you know) had brought a number of “Ghana-must-go” bags stashed with money to the office of President Atta-Mills, what for I cannot say. Upon Atta-Mills’ death, John Mahama, who knew about the money, redirected Ludwick and Koku away from the President’s office, even while he was at the Conference Center, because he was well aware that the money could be swindled. Even then, what happened to the cash under the watch of now President John Dramani Mahama? The disappearance of the money created a row between Asiedu Nketia and John Mahama, which took time to resolve. You’d have noticed at the time that there was a cold curtain between both men. If you like, ask Allotey!

The story is really a sorry and miserable one. To say that a dead president was insulted, and by default the whole nation, by being bundled up in the back of a taxi like beef enroute to the market makes it an act of treason punishable by death, if you will. I am calling on the authorities to investigate John Mahama and his mafia criminals as possible accomplices in the death of President Atta-Mills. WE HAVE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS!!! They seem to be too complicit, quite an uncomfortable situation of pain, slander, betrayal, and murder, if you ask me. I do believe that they killed the President, and that is my own opinion that I have a right to hold; and it is this same opinion that many people do hold.

After all, a sample of their murderous nature was revealed by a member of the NDC hierarchy, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh, who promised that his Party would shed Ghanaian blood, especially that of NPP people, in the run-up to, during, and post elections 2020. Another jester from the NDC circus, Namoale, swore to make Ghana ungovernable should the NPP win elections 2020. So how can Ghanaians not suspect the NDC hierarchy and John Mahama of killing President Atta-Mills of blessed memory?


Source: Fadi Dabbousi

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