The Duffuor “Ahotɔ Project” is just what NDC needs – Coffie

“Finally, the National Democratic (NDC) grassroots are being given the recognition that they have been craving for all the while. They’re at last getting the chance to grow beyond the branches and the constituencies.

An activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Dela Coffie has said supporters of the party are now gaining recognition through an initiative launched by a former Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor.

Dr Duffuor on Thursday April 7 launched the Ahot) Project in Ashaiman; the first of our GHS 8,250,000 investment for 275 constituencies.

“I am grateful to all who honored my invitation for this event and humbled by the love and reception from our members in Ashaiman. Ahot), for NDC,” Dr Duffuor said after the launch.

In a statement reacting to this initiative, Dela Coffie said “Finally, the National Democratic (NDC) grassroots are being given the recognition that they have been craving for all the while. They’re at last getting the chance to grow beyond the branches and the constituencies.

“”And this is all due to the revolution that Dr. Kwabena Duffuor is currently leading to give true meaning of grassroot participation in national politics.

Around late afternoon on 7 April, 2022, the former Finance Minister and Govenor of Bank of Ghana, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor launched the NDC “Ahotɔ Project” in the Ashaiman Constituency – This event essentially marked the first of numerous business initiatives to bring sustainable revenue and financial relief to the NDC grassroot executives.

“To all intent and purposes, the “Ahotɔ Project” will cover all 275 constituencies with each constituency receiving rental equipment worth GHc30,000 each, making an investment total of GHc8,250,000. The project also include skills development and entrepreneurial training programs for members on effective business management. It’s basically geared to decrease inequality and to protect the grassroots from the proverbial no money syndrome, and also serve as a sustainable business solution to fund NDC activities at the grassroots.

“Additionally, the “Ahotɔ Project” is  designed to strengthen and develop the constituencies to be self sufficient and ensure that the benefits of being a member of the NDC are more fairly shared and sustainable. As other people have pointed out, this is the first time in the history of the NDC that such a fiscally responsible, progressive, and most superbly-crafted project is being rolled out at the grassroots. And seemingly, the reactions within the NDC varied hugely, – from joy and vindication among well intentioned party stakeholders to deep scepticism among the bulk of John Mahama followers.

“It has also caused delight among Duffuor’s team, who always said his vow to do politics differently would attract even the undecided voter demography and those who had previously opted not to vote again. Whichever way you look at it, the “Ahotɔ Project” appears as the game changer for the NDC.

“I watched a bit of Dr. Duffuor’s presentation at the launch, and I can confidently say this is a politician with momentous charisma, and a man truly with the people. What excites me here most is how the grassroots themselves are overly excited about the Duffuor factor.

The man has very consistently since becoming an NDC frontliner taken a principled stand for grassroot mobilisation. He’s essentially returning the party to its actual owners and in the process reincarnating the NDC’s social democratic identity.

“That’s actually the promise of NDC Rawlings toiled for – the devolvement of power to build an egalitarian society. But then, the degree of gratuitous political patronage, avarice and gluttony that has characterized post-Rawlings NDC makes it rare to see a leader so committed to the core principles of comradeship and solidarity with the grassroots.

“In actual fact, the demographics of the last two general elections has shown that Ghanaians don’t trust the Mahama NDC. I’ve been told countless times that the NDC no longer represent the ordinary people. Then again, Dr. Duffuor is changing the narratives- It’s clear to many party folks, including the sceptical that Duffuor is a deeply honest politician and socially conscious leader we’ve had near the top in a very long time. There’s no escaping the fact that Duffuor is a proven performer – He’s saying and acting differently from what every other politician is saying. If only the rest of the NDC leadership was even 10% as endearing or practical as he is, the party wouldn’t be where it is today.

“At this juncture, the party needs an alternative that will work – The NDC urgently needs a leader committed, as is Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, to building a party that really works ‘for the many, and not only the few.’ Unlike some in the NDC leadership, Duffuor recognises the value of grassroot  empowerment, participation and its social values. He has discovered the essential programs for electoral success, and showing the way.- The effects of his politics can be politically and electorally far-reaching if the NDC rank and file recognise that fact, admit that the party needs Duffuor’s leadership of service, and move forward constructively into 2024 with one accord.   Quite simply, if Duffuor ever get the nod to lead, he will certainly create a Ghana that everyone will be proud of. Let’s get it.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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