The Experience 14, USA, UK Preach Peace And Unity in Diversity

Over the past 14 years, “The Experience”, the most anticipated gospel concert in Africa, which parades giants of gospel music from all over the world has grown beyond the boundaries of Christendom to become a gathering of hope and inspiration.

Having started with 25,000 audience, it has grown to an estimated 700,000 attendees. Beyond the performances of gospel music celebrities like Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Travis Greene, Tim Godfrey, Sinach, Tope Alabi, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey etc., every year presents a unique experience. Celebrities, Politicians, Diplomats, Sports personalities and of course the clergy all compete for a front role seat in what could be described as the most ‘well organized and security-conscious’ event in Lagos Nigeria.

The Experience is a Christian event, which unifies every denomination and sect. It’s a platform where Christians collectively glorify God irrespective of their creed. Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglican, Protestants, Charismatics every Christian is represented.

At this year’s event, Diplomats gave goodwill messages on behalf of their nations, a proof that the event has grown beyond the borders of Nigeria. Jillian Itharat, Political Officer, United State Consulate, Lagos described the event as “a night of friendship and fellowship:” She praised the cultural and religious diversity of Nigeria and encouraged Nigerians to live together in peace. She highlighted cultural and religious diversities as two assets Nigeria and the United States of America have in common and encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of these peculiarities turning it to our strength rather than weakness. She says “religious freedom is a foundation of the United States and allows people live together in harmony.”

In her words, Harriet Thompson, Deputy British High Commissioner, described the event as one that fosters close links between people, bringing “fabulous artiste from all over the world.” The number of people that gathered for the event was a reflection of the “sense of connection generated by our love for God and God’s love for us.”

Speaking on the importance of the month of December, she says “Christmas brings peace” and encouraged everyone to unite. “Nigeria is a great country and one of its strengths is its diversity. Let’s take God’s love; let’s take that connection and that unity across Nigeria and make Nigeria strong.”

Also present at the event, was the Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The state of Lagos, is an important partner to the event. Its agencies; the Ambulance Services, Waste Management Agency etc. all work with House on the Rock, organizers of “the Experience” to make it a success.

This year’s event featured first time acts like Todd Dulaney, Mercy Chinwo and Preye Odede.

Source: Iposu Elijah Oluwakayode||

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