The politics of Food Production and Bumper Harvest in Ghana

Not long ago, there was news of abundance of rice in some parts of the country and the EatGhanaRice Campaign was launched.

Today, most of the donations to support the vulnerables championed by the government and its officials, political aspirants, etc include rice.

Check the names of the brands they are donating and ask yourself what happened to the EatGhanaRice campaign.

Many factors may account for this including the lack of desire on the part of the purchasers to look for Ghana rice. But underlying this is the unsustainable production regime we have in Ghana

The investments needed to ensure consistent production that guarantee food security are non existent.

With one bumper harvest, we were on the streets in high praises.

It’s with the same mentality that many of the 1D1F agro processing factories are being set up. No strategy to ensure consistent and tested supply chain for raw materials.

We will witness the non existence of brands these factories will produce when we needed them most in times like this in the future if we do not change our approach to strategic national investments into food production among others.

How many packs of Eku Juice have been used in these times to refresh frontline workers like the police, military men, health workers, quarantined travelers etc.

The joy of such productions are short lived. They only remain for political gains.

Time to act and do so decisively. We must start preparing for the future food security needs today.

We will import more food items and pay higher prices because we were never at any sufficient food production levels.

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By Richard Nunekpenu (Esq.)

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