The Rattlers of Sin Must Sin No More against BoG and Ministry of Finance

The cleanup that brought about a measure of sanity in the banking sector seemed to have squeaked the decrepit owner of an insolvent financial institution back to a lackadaisical life with calls for the halt of the ongoing fiscal trailblazing exercise. Unfortunately, the proliferation of banks in Ghana seemed to have a mushrooming effect, turning beer bars and akpeteshi spots into banking halls. The most popular one was UniBank that allegedly swallowed Ghana’s finances like the blackhole of the universe, constantly swigging in large astral masses with an appetite for anything and everything.

If you would notice, all those beer-bar banks that ballooned overnight into large financial institutions were actually floating on thin air. They were insolvent from inception, but were rather used as conduits for money laundering and fiscal improprieties. Except for one bank that I know was genuine, which slipped due to measures it could not comply with, all the others were mere loan schemes that nipped on the blood of Ghanaians, eventually metamorphosing into banks by the blessings of John Mahama and the NDC government of raccoons! Why raccoons? Well they stunk of financial rot, and ran off with the fiscal clothing of Ghanaians leaving them naked and game for the wilderness of nature to prey on.

Recently, unholy attacks have been mounted on the Governor of the Bank of Ghana and Ken Ofori-Atta. I am not here to defend anybody or cover the behind of anyone, but the truth has to be said irrespective of any consideration. The attack is allegedly been mounted by Dr Duffour through his dogs who can’t even bark responsibly. Calling Dr Ernest Addison “empty-headed” just goes to expose the trivial nature of the canines. Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Johnson Asiama is walking free today having signed one billion cedi liquidity support for the dead UniBank owned by Dr Duffour, who for a long time was Governor of the Central Bank. I am not surprised that he was able to establish his bank. Did he shift the cedi hose into his system?

Dr Johnson Asiama must be roped in and arrested for single-handedly causing the woes of the financial sector by creating fiscal uncertainties. He must also be called to book for recruiting an aide to do the bidding for Dr Duffour to harm Nana Akufo-Addo’s Presidency. Ken Ofori-Atta managed to stand his ground and ensure that the cleanup exercise was implemented to the finish. He understood, as we all did, that it was a bitter pill that had to be swallowed if we wanted to be redirected onto the tangent of prosperity.

The loudmouths must have their rattling teeth fixed that they may be understood. They won’t mention the disastrous policies and loose monitoring that brought Ghana to the brinks of insolvency. They won’t mention that under the NDC, Ghana was a free for all sitting duck being torn and shredded by foxes and hyenas. Those who had monetary transactions with Dr Duffour or his bank or his aides, I am told, were promised their moneys back if they attacked Ken Ofori-Atta and the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, hence the nonsense that is being spewed by shoeshine millionaires.

These idiots cannot contain their halitosis, but would rather make noise to drown the empathic nature of President Akufo-Addo, otherwise why would he protect the customers of the collapsed banks and transfer all their accounts to a consolidated bank? Otherwise why would he instruct that all those who lost their jobs should be hired into positions especially engineered for the purpose? Otherwise why would he allow billions to be made available for the restructuring of the banking sector? That money was approved to inject liquidity into the existing banks so that no one would lose their money. So the Duffour agents would want to throw sand into the eyes of gullible Ghanaians with the hope that they would punch holes in the chute of salvation. They are not thankful that after maligning President Akufo-Addo, Hon Ken Ofori-Atta, and Dr Ernest Addison, these same trio have managed to get the nation to cling onto the parachute of life in order to cushion our landing to avert annihilation, otherwise we would have crashed into hard terrain and become history; a rotten one to add to that written by the hooligans of the NDC, Dr Duffour, his assigns, PRs, and undesirables….oh, and the shoeshine millionaires, too!!!

Source: Fadi Dabbousi

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