The Return of John Mahama; the view point of a Ghanaian Student

A write up by Amoakohene Frank, NUGS President and Student Activist.

Every state is bound to fail in the absence of a competitive demonstration of superior knowledge, and an opportunity to assess the performance of our leaders.

About 9 years back, myself and most of my colleague students, including quite a number of graduates grew up into experiencing a feel of “Governance”.

This is premised on the fact that at least about 95% of students at the tertiary level started school within the era of the then NDC Government. This includes most graduates (2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016 batches) who had a full tertiary student life under one government.

Ahead of the polls

We had less to share, because the H.E. J.A. Kufour led Government was in an era of our JHS and SHS student lives, where all that really mattered to most of us was the ability of our parents to provide for us.

We could not really make an objective assessment for ourselves because admittedly we either had little interest in the affairs of government and what happens at the National Front.

In 2016, we had the opportunity to listen to and assess messages of both the “Change and the JM Toaso Crusaders”. As a student, I must admit that the Change Crusaders preached on precisely what every student would love and want to hear. From Restoration of Allowance, Free SHS, One District one Factory, One Village one Dam, all aimed at not only promoting academic life but also to make provision for employment after school.

In fact it was not surprising that the NPP won at most Polling Stations which were on our various campuses.

The JM Toaso Crusaders on the other hand preached on the infrastructural development the country had seen under both H.E John Mills and H.E. John Mahama.

Yes as a student leader I saw the relevance of most of the infrastructures with regards to the future of our education.

In fact, as a Medical Student, I had a peculiar interest in the University of Ghana Medical Center, the Ridge Hospital, Bank Hospital, Police Hospital, Military Hospital at Kumasi, the CHPS compounds etc.
Not to ask for much though but I am desperately expecting a national touch for the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital from the incumbent Government or any successive Government.

It was also great to see the realization of some of the Community Day Senior High Schools, establishment of University of Health and Allied Health Sciences, The University Energy and Natural Resources among other institutions.

Admittedly, beyond all these developments the NDC showcased, not forgetting the Circle Dubai, the NDC could not communicate enough to us, as to how these will reflect in making our lives better in the next administration. There were no solid assurance of jobs to the graduate in the next NDC administration. This is an area of deficit to me in the 2016 NDC campaign. May be, just may be, it is also possible that the juicy promises of the then opposition clouded the our minds in seeing what was in for the Ghanaian (student in this case)

After the polls

The outcome of the 2016 elections provided the opportunity for our generation to have a feel of a different Government.

We were presented with an avenue to live the dream life of a student under a new government that campaigned with a message that resonated with most of us.

Most of us could predict the return of H.E John Mahama but as to when that official declaration would be made remained unknown.

Now, the Return of H.E. John Mahama brings urgency to the current Government to deliver on the campaign promises and do even more to be successful at the polls in 2020.

Why the urgency? I can say with much confidence, that any new candidate from the NDC will only be an investment into 2024. And with a lesser chance of Victory in 2020.
However, same cannot be said of JDM.

I can state without any equivocation that, the greatest threat to the incumbent NPP come 2020 is John Mahama and this cannot be overemphasized. This is something we can not pretend around.

But you know what,? it is good for us as students in the sense that my colleague nurses will receive their allowance, in full and on time. The Ghanaian graduate will get a job from the one district one factory, the dams etc. Yes, our school fees will be kept in check and there will be much discipline in governance because you will be kicked out the next moment you misbehave.

More so, the campaign promises of all parties will be carefully watched on what is practicable, real and resonates with the people.

I will call the battle in 2020 a “Clash of the Titans”.

The Ghanaian has fully had a feel of the possible main candidates and can make an objective decision concerning the future of this country.

The Return of John Mahama brings urgency to the incumbent and is Good for Ghana’s progress.

For now, I can only wish us all as Ghanaians the best as we build a better country for this generation and posterity. I would also charge all and sundry to actively participate in the nation building process, no matter where our political orientation lies. Ghana is all we have, and her development remains our collective responsibility no mater which party is in power.

Long live mother Ghana!
God bless us all.

By Amoakohene Frank


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