They launched an Emergency Ambulance System and so what?

I’m confused. Have some of you always been against launching projects? How come we have never heard these complaints when other projects are launched.

I have seen schools, road projects, social Interventions etc being launched since I was a kid and no one cries as much as people are crying over this.

This is not a launch of ambulances. It is the launch of a totally revolutionary, modernised, emergency medical response system for THE WHOLE OF GHANA.

This is not a 100 km asphalt road between just two cities. This is an integrated, computerised, modernized emergency service for every part of the country.

I have been scanning the timelines of some of you complaining as if this is unheard of and I have hardly found a single post condemning any of the many fanfare and launches that involve projects far less important and far more limited in benefits geographically

If your greatest pain is that the govt has launched the BIGGEST project in the history of Ghana regarding emergency response, that is your own palaver.

Some of us are happy we voted for a party and govt that has put in place the BIGGEST ever emergency response service in our history across all of Ghana.
They can spend two weeks launching it. I DON’T CARE.

My focus is on the fact that as I live alone right now whilst typing, should I start feeling dizzy or see the symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke , I can dial 112.

And even if I collapse before finishing the call, the modern system this NPP govt has put together will locate me using the Ghana Post GPS (yes, that project the govt was insulted for pursuing and which I supported wholly) to locate me and save my life.

1. There is going to be an ambulance station/centre in EVERY SINGLE CONSTITUENCY in Ghana

2. There is going to be a law backed source of funding for the ambulance service FOR THE FIRST TIME IN GHANA. Meaning repairs, augmentation of fleet, expansion, salary of paramedics as well as their recruitment and training etc will not suffer because of lack of funds from a supervising Ministry (MOH in this case)

3. They are using modern GPS based IT solutions that ensure that the location of the caller is easily identified and the ambulances are equipped with navigation machines and a system that shows the paramedics and the driver the nearest hospital or facility that can handle the particular medical emergency or trauma based on the triage, and give directions to that facility.

If they will launch such great projects every year and hold a jamboree throughout Ghana to celebrate, all the better.

So if you are here bleeding and writhing in pain because you think the launch yesterday was of “just cars” , sorry, it is your lack of understanding of what is going on that has caused you pain. Read and learn about the project and you will stop the UNNECESSARY rants about the launch.

Such a big thing that is going to benefit the richest and the poorest, from Gambaga to Accra, from Wiawso to Keta , and save thousands of lives, and your only reaction is “why did they have to launch it”?!?!?

Give me a break !!

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