TODAY’S TROTRO TRAIL – an update from the chronicles of Comrade Shmuel Ja’Mba Abm

The passenger who pulled out the newly printed Addison-Akufo-Addo GHS 200 note to pay for his transport fare of GHS3.30 hardly anticipated he was going to turn the vehicle into a social media platform.

It was a free-for-all, as the give-and-take circled from the driver to his mate and comments from passengers. I felt invited to the topic. I had to breathe life into the lifeless trading of accusations. At that instance, almost everybody agreed to what I said, except the chubby booby who sat in the driver’s passenger seat of the trotro.

I told them not to be troubled by the deliberate plot of the government to set the working people against each other with the back and forth trading of accusations by that directionless and senseless introduction of such a currency note. I assured them, that only an irresponsible government will set them against each other with this note of confusion.

The chubby booby in the driver’s passenger seat turned and craned his neck for a close look, peering into my eyes in search for peace. “We must end this NPP and NDC nonsense. All these two political traditions have manipulated Ghanaians.”

Indeed, I wanted peace. But her statement had activated the deceptive mode of disappointed NPP activists. So I ought to deflect and exposed these filthy lies told to the unwary electorate.

“So what has the change for GHS 200 got to do with the NDC? Was it the NDC which printed the new currency note? Why take the heat off Kwaku Burgher from Atewa Kwaebibrem and throw it at the NDC sitting it’s somewhere?”

The whole vehicle was reeling in exhilarating laughter, except a few.

“But the NDC doesn’t even have a running mate. The NDC no longer is attractive to the electorate, hence no credible Ghanaian wants to associate him/herself with the NDC,” the chubby intimated.

Reeking in a hilarious mocking laugh, I flung back. “Does the NPP have a candidate?” Ill-prepared, she eventually found her voice, “But he remains our only candidate.”

Before I could shatter that mischief, the driver had jumped into the dialogue, “Madam, didn’t you just advocate for us to do away with the NPP and the NDC and go for either the CPP or Osofo-Kyiri-Abosom?”

This cranked another total outburst in the vehicle. But I recovered on time to go for the kill.

“Madam, does the NPP have a flagbearer, to start with?”
“Yes, Nana is the NPP flagbearer,” she mocked. I close-marked her,
“What about Addai Nimo, will he be given the opportunity to contest the incumbent?”

One of the obviously unenthusiastic passengers jumped in to rescue her. “The success story of Nana does not allow for Addai Nimo to do such nonsense,” he ended fuming.

Every journey that has a beginning, has an end. This episode is long enough to bring an end to a trip of GHS3.30 trotro journey. Let’s catch up at another time.

2020 is an election year. Remember that.

Courtesy Comrade Shmuel Ja’Mba Abm

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