Tribal War Looms in Ghana as Government unleash Akan Soldiers on Volta Region to kill Ewes

You will recall that on the 16th November 2019, a restoration group, Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), declared Western Togoland an independents state. This is because the government of Britain and Ghana have deliberately refused to carryout the instructions given by United Nations in UN resolution 1044 after the plebiscite in 1956 to form a union government between Gold Coast (now Ghana) and Western Togoland. Successive governments have all turned down countless letters written by the foundation to Ghana to address the issues of Western Togoland.

Since 1956, any time the citizens of western Togoland raised the issue of the union government, Ghana government resulted in military invasion into the western Togoland to chase out the leaders and kill chiefs and citizens.

This development has existed for decades and the situation is becoming a threat to the citizens of western Togoland as the Ghana government has continuously marginalized citizens and created avenues for discrimination against them. The territory has been left undeveloped despite the massive revenue government is generating from the land. In the 2020 budget which was read recently in Ghanaian parliament, Volta region, where the Ewes belong, has completely been omitted. Currently those who have Ewe names are being chased out from civil and public services in Ghana due to their tribal identity.

These and other developments have compelled the citizens to agitate for the restoration of Western Togoland to pave way for their rapid developments. On the 16th November 2019 the HSGF has declared the territory independent of Ghana since they do not feel part of Ghana and Ghana’s independence act does not include them.

This declaration has come as a shock to the Ghanaian authorities and have therefore resulted into unnecessary arrest of members of HSGF members. Currently over hundred of their members have been arrested and charged with treason and are being detained for weeks without trial.

Ghana government continues to deploy armed military men to hunt for the rest of HSGF members. The question is; is it lawful for military to arrest persons who do not engaged in any form of violence? Is it lawful to detain persons arrested without involving in any form of violence? If this is not an act of oppression, how can it be called?

The looming danger is that, currently there is a gorilla military forces emerging in the name of “AKPOYAWO” from the territory of western Togoland to defend and protect the lives of the citizens against any aggression from Ghana. This gorilla military forces vow to avenge all the atrocities meted out on the citizens by Ghana since 1956 should any further killing occur in the territory.

According to the unit command, they are waiting patiently for Ghana to kill or execute any of the citizens in western Togoland independence declaration before they will strike. If care is not taken in this western Togoland issues, there is going to be a situation that will look more serious than a tribal war because it is only Ewes that are targeted by the government in this issue.

The worse is that, on Saturday, 21st December 2019 government has deployed Akan soldiers to a town in Volta region called Wli to arrest a member of HSGF. When has it become a duty for the military to be arresting peaceful people? Why not the police? Why Akan speaking soldiers to arrest a peaceful Ewe man.

Thank God they were stopped by women in the community from carrying out their clandestine activities.

We are promising that, if any Akan Soldier hurt, maim or kill any Ewe man or woman, anywhere, the centre cannot hold.

We don’t want any tribal war Mr. President
Stop intimidating Ewes Mr. President
The people of Western Togoland are fed up with Ghana Mr. President.

You don’t even attend our festivals and programmes Mr. President

The recent Farmers’ Day celebration in the Volta region should tell you that, because of your open hatred and discrimination against the people of Volta region we are tired of you and your antics.

Don’t bring any war to Volta region Mr. President

Togbe Agudzegbe I

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