Trouble brews at Gbawe as Dzaasetse stops Homowo celebrations, suspects Mayhem

– But Chief Dismisses Claim

The pump and pageantry, and merry-making that normally associates with the celebration of the Homowo Festival for the people of Gbawe in the Greater Accra Region were completely absent when the Chief of the town, Nii Faamlitey II, his elders and people set out to celebrate the festival for this year on August 18, 2018.

As such, the occasion was celebrated on the quiet with cookings done in individual homes. The sprinkling of “Kpokpoi”, a traditional food for the gods and ancestors, which has always been the climax of the festival was equally nill, thus rendering the celebration to “a no-show activity” for the people.

This situation, according to our information, came about as a result of a court injunction slammed on this year’s festivity by the Dzaasitse of the town Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey, who also doubles as the Head of family for the Royal Kwatei family of Gbawe.

When contacted, Nii Kwatei Quartey admitted having taken that action, because, “There is no smoke without fire!” He maintained that he had been Dzaasitse and Head of the Royal family since 1973. Also, he had acted as Chief before as well as in other capacities for the family.

He maintained that he was the one who enstooled Nii Faamlitey as Chief of Gbawe in 1994, and after his enstoolment, he was moving on well with the chief, until 2005, when he suddenly changed and started behaving hostilely to him, a situation which Nii Adam Quartey indicated had not only brought about a rift between them, but also compelled him to vacate the palace, which he put up, to live in his private home.

He despite the fact that he made Nii Faamlitey chief and the fact the he was still alive, Nii Faamlitey had made clandestine moves to replace him with another person, in the name of Ebenezer Kpakpa Quartey, popularly known as “White white” and also removed his name from the Lands Commission, Court, Ga Traditional Council, the Regional and National Houses of Chiefs, where he had been representing the family since 1973.

According to Nii Adam Quartey, the chief had intended to out-door his “New Dzaasetse cum Family Head” on that fateful day with the support of his (Nii Faamlitey’s) own Land guard’s he had laying ambush.

This he indicated, could bring about chaos, anarchy and mayhem with the shedding of blood and subsequent deaths, which will not auger well for the town and country.

Besides, this will tarnish his long-standing peaceful reign at his ripe age of 95. A situation which he said will not speak well of him in years and generations to come.

Meanwhile, it has been added that Nii Adama Quartey has also selected someone to act in his stead at his old age. This person Isaac Nii Laryea Quartey is said to be the son of White White who had been chosen by Nii Faamlite.


According to Nii Adam Quartey, in 2005, while he and elders were at the palace resolving issues, a group of youth appeared there singing and chanting war songs.

When he questioned them, they indicated that the land which he had laid aside for them were being sold and exchanged for cars by Nii Faamlite and some of his elders hence their action. Nii Adam Quartey said that not happy with their behavior, he fined and they obliged.

Yet, days after Nii Faamlitey sent these youth to court but lost the case. Also Nii Faamlitey caused to be published in “The Ghanaian Chronicle” that he was the brain behind the youth’s action, which also resulted in an attack on him.

Nii Adam maintained that though the family plus Nii Faamlitey came to apologize to him, all efforts for him to retract the publication has fallen on death ears to date. These and many more had deepened the rift between hence his court injunction of this year’s Homowo festivities.


When he was told about the non-retraction of the said defamatory article, Nii Faamlitey brought out the September 12, 2006 edition of “The Ghanaian Chronicle”, which carried out the said retracted article. Titled “Nii Faamlitey II apologizes, the retraction was also purported to have first bean carried out in the April 28 2006 edition of the paper.

In the said retraction, the article was addressed to Nii Adam Kwartei Quartey and copied heads of the remaining four clans constituting the Gbawe Kwartei Family, namely, Nii Kpakpa Nukpa We, Nii Kpakpa Ten We, Nii Kpakpa Fio WE, Nii Kwartei Nukpa We. Also copied was Nii Amakwai III Asere Dzaasetse and Ag. Asere Mantse.

When Nii Faamlitey also stated that the injunction order which called for the total ban of the festival was served on him alright through his lawyer.

However, not being able to withstand this total ban of the festival, thus preventing him from feeding the gods and ancestors he went to court to contest the case.

He said the court did not uphold the told ban, but the sprinkling of Kpekple, which he and his elders adhered to. Nii Faamlite was however quick to point out that the court ruled that the they could make individual cooking in their various homes. And as chief and embodiment of the living and the dead, he did his cooking at the palace.

It was gathered that while his cooking was going on, a group of people came to photograph them, purposely to present them to court as having been in contempt of court.

“So far, we have abode by the court order on sprinkling of Kpekple”, had intimated.


Whereas at the chief’s palace, red bands were exhibited, signifying a state of mourning and grief, at the Daasetse’s private house, (Calico) bands were seen hanging at the gate, with himself cladding in one, signifying victory over the successful ban.


Meanwhile, a former secretary to the Gbawe Royal Stool for 18 years (1961 – 1979) Mr. Albert Amatefio Armah a.k.a Tr. Armah has call for unity amongst the family, stressing that this long-standing rift between the two, will no auger nell for the family and also hamper development for the township.

He held that it was Nii Adam Kwartei Quartey, the Dzaasetse and Head of Family who could have the case put to rest. According to him, Nii Adam Quartey had done much for the family and township and had earned him much respect and appreciation.

Subsequently, it was prudent and expedient on his part, to let go everything at his advanced age, get the family united and solid once more so that when he is finally called by his maker, he can give good accounts to the ancestors in the underworld.

He also called on government, through the ministry of Chieftaincy Traditional and Religious Affairs to intervene in the impasse to help restore everlasting peace to Gbawe once and for all.

This call, Nii Faamlitey and his elders gleefully associated themselves with.

Source: S.O Ankamah

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