Two Years on: What are Ghanaians experiencing after all soothing speeches?

The current Economic situation of Ghana after that critical colloquial experiment, it is now very clear that the current management appears to suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Here are the facts:

1. The current managers have difficulty communicating the true state of the Economy of Ghana to us without mincing words to suit their wild political intent.

2. They also find it difficult interacting with CSOs, opposition MPs and the General public without exhibiting their desperate nature to hold on to power by the hook or the crook.

3. They are clearly exhibiting pure traits of majestic incompetence with the repetitive disorders in the renaming of already existing projects as well as taking credit for most projects executed by the erstwhile NDC administration without any shame.

“Their frustrations have been carefully directed at the nurses, students, drivers, farmers, market folks, importers and all the economic forces in the land by increasing tariffs and fuel prices in the guise to reduce the impact of our consistently depreciating GHS.”

What is more, the Electoral Commission is testing the waters with some unilateral declaration as if the fundamentals have been given the relevant needed attention.

All Ghanaians especially the direct stakeholders must remind the current administration about their path of allegiance to the core values of the 1992 constitution of which they aggrandized prior to their take over on January 7, 2017.

The only Ghana we have deserves a lot more than the STRATEGIC ploys being engaged by the NPP to hold on to power without considering the consequences that comes with it.

The NPP Government must find the “missing link” they identified while in opposition to deal with the challenges confronting the citizenry at the moment.

The scorching hardship confronting us now is evident that talks without thorough evaluation of the trending circumstances is cheap and it also exposes your ignorance in practical governance.

I hope the Peace Council, Christian council, the CSOs and the various pressure groups will prove their worth enough to get issues resolved ASAP.

To be continued…

By: Bismarck Davis

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