UN: Bouznika’s Inter-Libyan Dialogue, ‘Real Opportunity’ to Put an End to Long Conflict

The inter-Libyan dialogue sessions, the second round of which is currently taking place in Bouznika with a view to reaching a political solution to the Libyan crisis, constitute “a real opportunity to put a definitive end to this long conflict,” said Monday the acting UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams.

In a speech delivered during the dialogue session between delegations from the High Council of State and the Libyan House of Representatives, Williams said that the meetings in Morocco, in addition to the discussions held in Switzerland to provide recommendations on crucial and necessary issues for the political resolution of the Libyan crisis, have “greatly contributed to creating this unique opportunity to revive the Libyan political dialogue”.

The UN official said she is satisfied with the meeting, around the same table in Bouznika, of the two delegations, in order to reach an agreement on the criteria for the selection of the persons who will occupy the posts of sovereignty, in accordance with the provisions of the Skhirat agreement concluded in December 2015, calling on the parties to continue their efforts to achieve this goal.

After praising the “tireless efforts” made to help resolve the Libyan crisis, Williams described the cessation of hostilities and direct clashes between the two sides in recent months as “encouraging”. However, she said the cessation of hostilities may not be sustainable if the Libyan protagonists do not reach a permanent ceasefire agreement and a comprehensive political solution to the crisis as soon as possible.

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In addition, Williams stressed that the resolution of this crisis remains a top priority for the United Nations, given the “very difficult” conditions in which Libyans are living as a result of the continuing conflict.

UN: Bouznika's Inter-Libyan Dialogue, 'Real Opportunity' to Put an End to Long Conflict
UN: Bouznika’s Inter-Libyan Dialogue, ‘Real Opportunity’ to Put an End to Long Conflict

Williams called for a comprehensive political agreement that meets the aspirations of all Libyan parties and sets Libya on the path to peace, stability and development.

She also urged all Libyans to continue to work in support of the ceasefire and political dialogue, while promoting the interests of the country and the Libyan people with a view to restoring Libya’s legitimacy and sovereignty and building a democratic State.

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