UN Envoy calls for action to Achieve Climate Action

The Advisory Special Envoy for the United Nations (UN), Luis Alfonso de Alba has visited Ghana as part of the Africa Climate Week. He has called on African countries and actors involved in the implementation of Climate Action to engage in actions to achieve results rather than negotiations.

He advised countries to harness resources to work actively to ensure projects outlined under the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are achieved for the benefit of the population.

He made the call when he addressed a joint press conference with the Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Prof. Frimpong Boateng on the impending Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change, the vital role for Africa and Ghana’s ambition to attain the climate action goals, among others.

The UN special envoy stated that during the summit, the UN will embark on the process of engaging in a defined approach like technology, knowledge, financial resources among others to enable African countries and actors to carry out the agenda effectively and efficiently.

Lius Alfonso explained that the summit would focus on areas such as adaptation, mitigation, renewable energy adoption, infrastructure, nature-base activities, industry, and finances among others that would inure to the benefit the population.

“The populace also needs to have a better understanding of the climate action in order to pursue the agenda successfully and to enhance the quality of life,” he indicated.

He praised the efforts of the Ghanaian government towards the implementation of the NDCs under the climate action while advising authorities to share their experiences with other countries to enable Africa deliver as planned.

Prof. Frimpong Boateng acknowledged the efforts of the UN to support Africa in achieving the developmental projects under the NDCs in the fight against climate change globally.

About the government’s action to achieve climate action, the minister specifically outlined a number of projects that government is undertaking including e-waste, 1D1F, 1 village 1Dam, biogas and solar energy, railway system and e-vehicle projects which are under the NDCs projects.

The minister explained various reasons why government is unable to ban plastic use in the system and said the government plans to enact a law to exempt such elements.

Prof. Boateng further disclosed how the country needs the assistance and advice of the International communities to enable authorities deliver on the developmental agendas of government.

“We need advice as well as assistance from the International communities on how to dwell on the carbon pricing and as well embark on a national development plan,” the minister stated

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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