Use Heritage Fund to revive Ghana Airways- AFRICOM Prez.

The President of the United States Africa Command, Ghana (AFRICOM), Mr. Abednego Orstin Rawlings says the country must use the Heritage Fund to revive the defunct Ghana Airways.

According to him, using the fund to revive the Ghana Airways will be the best Legacy under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), adding that the move “will give us more income to fund the free senior high school and create more jobs for Ghanaians.

“The ruling NPP must not rush to do anything against the will of Ghanaians just to fulfill manifesto promises. President Nana Addo-Akufo needs to settle, focus and have the free will to govern us from now to the 2020,” Mr. Rawlings asserted

He warned the NPP government to “think and think very sharp before implementing their campaign promises. Although the NPP promised heaven on earth, they must not do things to jeopardize the future of the country,”

Where can we get the lasting fund?

Mr. Rawlings said that, President Nana Akufo-Addo, must revive Ghana Airways first to take proper care of Ghana’s pride (Ghana Airways) efore implementing other political campaign promises. He said from that Ghana will get more funds to run her free SHS forever. The Netherlands is depending uniquely on her KLM since.

He therefore reiterated that if the government wants to achieve promises made to Ghanaians, then the best move for the NPP is to use the Heritage Fund to bring Ghana Airways back to work and that using the money directly for the free SHS will negatively affect the economy.

“The NPP should not be ashamed that Ghana Airways collapsed under Former President Kufuor and that one of the planes is now being used as a restaurant near Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

“The mind shouldn’t be a terrible thing to waste and Ghanaian Politicians should know this. The free SHS is very easy to do because the previous government has already laid the foundation and so we must use the Heritage Fund to buy more and quality aircrafts to revive the Ghana Airways. This will bring in more money to fund the free SHS,” he said.

Mr. Rawlings maintained that the NPP is lucky enough to get more funds from various sources to fund the fee SHS, pointing out that the recent expansion of the Takoradi Port will rake in more revenues for the country. He said the port received its first major expansion for larger vessels since it was established in 1928.

He therefore warned government to make judicious of the public resources including the Heritage Fund.

Source: S. O. Ankamah

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