Use of National ID as Voter Identification, the Imposition of Restrictions Bill, and our coming Elections

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Instead of promulgating obnoxious and repressive laws and measures, the Presidency should simply brace up to ensure that the forthcoming elections are not only free, fair and credible, but are seen to be so by Ghanaians and the international community. Already, the process leading to the 2020 polls are flawed, with moves by government and the EC to disenfranchise millions of Ghanaians by making it impossible for them to either register or get the voters Card and the plot to depopulate the strongholds of the opposition. Ken Attafuah is executing an order from the President and the Npp. The President and his party executives are the masters of impunity and have demonstrated that ever since this administration took over. They will not hesitate to exploit any sign of docility in the face of their evil intentions on the part of the opposition.

The President has already created a climate of fear for the media, his critics, civil society organizations, religious leaders and the opposition his three years. Authoritarian leaders thrive on fear. Insecurity creates limitless space to autocrats to operate and the erosion of democracy. The Imposition of Restrictions Law being pushed by this government at this crucial period is dangerous. Now more than ever, progressives, civil society organizations, religious etc need to develop ways to counter the introduction of this obnoxious law which will only upend our democracy. We can’t take the introduction of these dangerous political arrangements for granted.

We should not remain silent when President Akufo-Addo and his Npp are breaking all the tenets of democracy, freedom of speech, free expression, media freedom and now our personal freedoms. The President needs to carefully reflect on his government’s record of ruthlessly disemboweling the country’s human right record.

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Ghanaians have so far comported themselves nicely, adhering to the President’s directives. The few who continue to defy the President’s directives are appointees of the President who enjoy the President’s support and protection so, why the rush to promulgate this law. This is the time to develop innovative solutions, particularly for those put out of work and collapsed businesses by the decline of businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t need that useless IMPOSITION OF RESTRICTION LAW. There are many laws sitting in our books the President can apply at anytime if people willfully defy his orders. We don’t need special obnoxious laws this election year.

One of the threats to our democracy has been the flouting or defying of orders (courts, etc ) by this President and his officials. It has become a culture for constitutional provisions, laws and court orders involving political right and political figures etc to be ignored by the President and his government. That should be the headache of the human right lawyer President but not promulgation of bad laws to help him terrorise opposition members during elections. When the President and his officials themselves defy his directives and the law they set a wrong precedence to the citizens and this sets ground for lawlessness. It is becoming increasingly clear that impunity and total disrespect for our laws is a strong driver of human right abuses under this administration. His Excellency John Mahama and his party executives have promised the government their support. The former President has asked his appointees who were involved in the Ebola fight to support government, he has shown genuine interest in the coronavirus fight. Opposition communicators have so far acted responsibly, religious and traditional leaders have thrown their support behind the President, health experts have joined the crusade and majority of Ghanaians including some opposition members have commended the President for coming out with his directives – so why the desperate need for that useless law. And why is the President so silent on Attafuah’s behaviour if he really wants to ensure sanity and discipline. Has he read the statement issued by Jean Mensah’s EC?

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Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow 

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