Vehicle of NPP PC for Ho West kills Okada Rider

A New Patriotic Party (NPP) car, 4X4, branded with the photos of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Dr. Togbe David Nfodjo, the NPP parliamentary candidate for the Ho West constituency, last night, ran into two shops near the main entrance to the Ho Technical University, leaving an Okada rider, who was said to be waiting for a passenger in front of one of the shops at the time, desperately fighting for his life at the Ho Teaching Hospital. A taxi driver, who had just walked into the nearby Nogora Spot, is the luckiest lad alive today.

The driver’s side of his taxi, where he was standing some 30 seconds earlier, was badly damaged from the impact of the accident car.

The 4×4, with registration number CR 8 – 15, was said to be driven by one Oliver, a popular taxi driver in Ho, accompanied by a passenger who was also heavily drunk, returning from a party at Deme, a suburb of Ho at about 11 pm. According to Mabel Doamekpor, the owner of one of the two shops which the vehicle plowed into, the two occupants of the pickup, quickly vanished from the scene as soon as crowds started messing up. Narrating the incident to me, Mabel said police arrived at the scene within minutes, to tow the vehicle and its contents away.

Although the pickup somersaulted and finally landed on its side, the occupants were unhurt, which meant that they were in their seat belts. The damage caused to the two shops was extensive. However, representatives of the NPP and Dr Togbe David Nfodjo promised to bear the cost of repairs. No word has come through from Ho Teaching Hospital about the injured Okada rider.

Knowing the distance between the accident scene and the main entrance to the Ho Technical University, which has a barrier, one would wonder why any driver would be driving at such a speed, to have caused the degree of damage, when the security barrier is barely 80 metres ahead. If our police were to do a proper job, the driver would have been breathalyzed (tested for the level of alcohol in their blood), or charge him for failing to report an accident. As things are, it is clear that the police would not lift a finger, as it is the party of the regime (government in power) that is involved here.

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Just as they promised, it is our prayer that the poo, unknown Okada rider, and all whose properties have been damaged, would get some justice. Those who have lost income would be compensated as their shops are repaired, the hospital bills of the Okada rider, taken care of and some compensation paid to him. If the police are to do a proper job, the insurance on the accident vehicle should be taking care of all these. The police allegedly hurriedly left the accident scene, when one Ho West NPP executive, Kristo Klutse arrived at the scene and whispered something in the ears of one of them, leaving the NPP members alone to evacuate the contents of the accident vehicle, before later towing it away that same night.

Vehicle of NPP PC for Ho West kills Okada Rider
The driver of the vehicle

Vehicle of NPP PC for Ho West kills Okada Rider
Vehicle of NPP PC for Ho West kills Okada Rider

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By George Kwaku Yeboah, Ho

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