Vex Issue: Celebrating the mediocrity called VGMA

One thing I decided not to comment on is the weekend’s show of shame as a combination of Vodafone and Charterhouse ganged up together to celebrate our yearly weekend of mediocrity called VGMA and truly it ended in a disaster, First what is Ghana music that we’re celebrating. Is it the aping of Jamaicans that has become Ghana music?

When we say Ghana music, am expecting music from the different ethnic groups in Ghana polished and presentable to the international audience. Here is why Ghanaba stood out.

The awards itself. You are judged to be the fastest man on earth or the heavyweight boxing champion after you have dominated another in the squared rope. An award that people are asked to vote cannot and will never be an authentic award except a scam, and to top it with musician of the year is just stupidity to the extreme. Here is a musician who never performs with a live band but claims he is the best and that musician swears that if he is not given an award then something will happen!! Obviously, he has planned mischief and he is allowed to display that stupidity to the world and some of us are applauding him for such a senseless stupid behaviour

For what I’ve seen so far via the various video footages that friends have sent to me, that character called Shatta Wale or whatever he says his name is intentionally planned to cause mayhem and he succeeded in doing that.

Who armed these clowns and gangsters to come threaten our lives. Where is the competition in the music awards ceremony?
We are in a country where music sales cannot be monitored as to who sold the largest number and that is where the GRA/IRS or tax people must come in to tell us that this man sold so much and paid so much in tax across the country. Payola is not the best way to track who is doing well as far as sales are concerned

As for live concerts which forms an essential part of monitoring the best and the biggest, it doesn’t exist so we can’t track their concerts and how many attended which will ascertain who is the biggest and the best.

Am surprised government is involved in this scam in which a private enterprise is in league with a telecom operator to sell scratch cards for their personal benefit while the organisers pocket the rest as tickets are sold to anxious fans who not knowing what an award scheme is fill the hall.
What is government’s role in this scam and what is the Musicians Union of Ghana – MUSIGA – doing to find out who is the biggest?

To add insult to injury we have a musician of the year – total balderdash – who determines that? There are different types and brands of music – gospel, highlife, afropop, traditional etc. What I know is a category will give you best of a track from eg gospel and that is popular with the fans. When Michael Jackson won the Grammys for his Thriller it did not accord him the right to be named musician/artiste of the year, same with Carlos Santana a few years ago. Mediocrity has so much crept into our way of life that one stupid song, recorded on CD and uploaded on YouTube has become an anthem and one clown is sitting somewhere claiming to be the best. A few cedis dolled out to a corrupt radio music presenter and a few likes online suddenly raises the profile of that musician who now thinks he is above all, he is the god of music and everyone must bow down to him.

I remember late CK Mann: great singer with his medleys: absolutely outstanding, same as Ampadu and the others – too many to be called – of the current generation we have Amandzeba, Rex Omar, Bessa Simmons and late Mac Tontoh was a great friend but he never raised his shoulder anywhere that he has played in Oslo and London and elsewhere that at a point in time Osibisa opened the shows for 3 Dogs Night, a great rock band and that the Hollywood signage in CAlifornia was at a point in their career was rebranded Osibisa: great humility!!!

Now we have these clowns who cannot figure out the key C on the keyboard and cannot run the scale on a guitar who thinks they have arrived because a group of hoodlums with no idea of music is hailing them.

Government should therefore keep clear of these scammers led by CharterHouse and Vodafone. If we should have a music awards, it should not be left in the hands of these hustlers but a truly organised music body consisting of MUSIGA, representatives of the authentic music school lecturers, the tax bodies. AS for the fans, they have no hand in it and those who should be there should be people with a track record in some venture in this country _ respected and film actors, people who have proved their mettle in different spheres of life who call themselves SM or BHIM nation.

Enough of the nonsense and stupidity that has been foisted on us as a nation. I will not waste my sleep to be part of this celebration of mediocrity. Nuff said.

By Kafui D. Gale-Zoyiku

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