VR: Communities affected by Tidal Waves left at the mercy of the weather

Chiefs and people of five communities in the the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region who have been affected by the recent strong tidal waves have appealed to the government to urgently come to their aide.

According to the chiefs, living conditions have become unbearable as they have lost everything to the Sea and are virtually with noting to feed on.

The Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited and Susagtad Boat Building, Novihoho Afaglo, who made the appeal on behalf of the victims said the fate of over 800 people displaced by the recent sea invasion is the worse ever. He said they are in need of urgent government intervention.

He said the fate of the residents of most of the affected communities remained uncertain as more tidal incursions are expected in the wake of the coming rains.

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Afaglo said the sea submerged some 100 houses in the five communities late last month and has constantly ravaged the areas in the past four years.

He said communities such as Agavedzi, Sarakope, Adina, Blekusu and Amutinu were not spared during the disaster.

The CEO revealed that about 200 of the victims from some households have been building shelters for themselves on the island of Dzetagba soon after the sea invasion, with the hope of earning a living through fishing and salt mining while others are yet to find their feet. They are thus exposed to all manner of environmental hazards.

“Currently as I speak to you, victims have no toilet facilities attached to the structures they had erected on the island, making the situation more dangerous to their health,” he stated.

Mr Afaglo who is also an indigene of the land said victims are forced to defecate on the edges of the water posing serious threat to their health.

He said many of the displaced persons are still perching with their relatives in a state of growing uncertainty.

The disaster victims are therefore appealing to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately rescue these communities from extinction.

“What we need now goes beyond the paltry sharing of relief items such as buckets and tents from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) because it looks like that wouldn’t solve the problem,” he said

Mr Afaglo said the displaced victims are insisting on a sea defence wall as a permanent solution to the problem.

VR: Communities affected by Tidal Waves left at the mercy of the weather
Effects of the tidal waves

The chiefs, opinion leaders and victims are therefore calling on the central government to make provision of constructing a sea defence wall to save the communities before the worse happens.

Source: Philip Antoh || expressnewsghana


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