Waiting for his triumphant return – John Mahama

If you ask me to give you my reasons for craving for the “comeback” of John Mahama and the NDC in 2020, I will respectfully refer you to happenings in the country today vis-à-vis what Mahama did the four years and the promises the current President and his party gave Ghanaians during their campaign. Deception, lies and hypocrisy are now endemic in the great majority of political institutions of this planet. I will not be wrong per what we witnessing today in this country, to say, lies, deception and hypocrisy are so institutionally ingrained within the established patterns of behavior on display in Npp not to mention its allies in the media and some civil organizations

Per what we witnessing today under the Akufo-Addo led administration, it must surely be apparent by now, that trusting politicians of their kind to carry out what they promised to do if elected, is as naive as expecting a narcissist to survive without a vanity mirror. I may worry my head to support my argument or position- “why Mahama must return” with ship load of documents if you’ve been out of this planet for sometime now.

President Rawlings did not contest the 2000 election so one cannot say whether he would have won that election if the constitution guaranteed him the right to do so. But basing our analysis on the economic challenges Ghana experienced prior to the 2000 election as a result of the global recession at the time, voter fatigue, few internal clashes and the general discontent expressed by the public, do you readily think he could have won that election.

Whatever your predictions may be, let’s scrutinise the issues dispassionately. The NDC lost the 2000 elections and I don’t think discerning minds will attribute that lost to abysmal performance. Any attempt to conclude that the NDC lost the 2000 election because it performed abysmally in government, means you accept the phenomenon that ability to lie convincingly must be accepted as the key factor in determining personal advancement within the party political pyramid. Much of the deceit the NPP peddled on their campaign platforms between 1996 and 2000, were jaw droppingly opaque to the extent that we were told that white is black, war is peace, and slavery is freedom. We saw them with their gallons of petrol on their campaign platforms, our streets were littered with dead bodies. They were aided by their allies in the media and I hope my friends have not forgotten the fake stories opponents of the Rawlingses said about them. They said the Rawlingses operate foreign accounts with billions of dollars deposited in them, they said the former first lady had jewelry shops and even went on to say, the biological children of Jerry Rawlings, were adopted from Ethiopia. Do you remember these painful lies? Do you know the effect these fabricated stories had on the NDC in the 2000 election? But wait, what did we see in terms of development between 2001 and 2008, we are all saw the ordeal the nation went through.

When society began questioning them about evidence of the corruption allegations they levelled against Rawlings and his men, they wickedly cooked corruption allegations against Tsatsu and others and imprisoned them. Look man, Rawlings vehemently agitated against the treatment meted out to his men, and attempts to rundown his administration. But friends, can you readily compare the Kufour administration to that of Rawlings? Doing that can best be equated to putting Joshua Agbeko before Mayweather for a boxing match.The SSNIT houses, electricity expansion, roads, hospitals, the UNDP day secondary schools, the science labs, etc etc all under Rawlings. Kufour took us to HIPIC, got all the fiscal space and comfort, received billions of dollars, yet, disappointed Ghanaians including his ardent supporters.

How different is the ordeal the NDC under Prof and guided by Rawlings went through, from what Mahama suffered in 2016. What my friends questioning why we wailing for Mahama’s comeback must know is that, lying undermine trust, including citizens’ trust in their leaders and in government in general and that was exactly what Mahama went through in the hands of those mismanaging Ghana today.

Our political lenses must be positioned to capture happenings outside the NDC arena. Supporters of NDC alone, cannot win the party political power. We need the support of other Ghanaians who may not be hardcore party members but share in our ideals or, may have been disappointed by the ruling government.Our internal differences must be handled in a way that the public will still feel comfortable tilting to our side. Our personal desires and positions must not deny the public the opportunity of bringing back someone whose record tormenting the current administration.

People are wailing for Mahama’s return because, the very issues his opponents raised against him, have become the head corner stone of this administration. They are borrowing and doing it aggressively than we saw under Mahama, they are using buildings built by the Mahama administration which they described as wasteful, as offices for their 110 ministers, the business outsourcing centre they described as wasteful, is creating jobs for their supporters, the senior minister said the fundamentals of the economy they inherited was strong, the funds their condemned their establishment, have become their hope, the nurses they incited against Mahama, are now calling for Mahama’s return, the last time I sat in a Taxi from Kasoa to Nkrumah Circle, I saw a sticker on the dashboard (Bring Back Mahama), traders are wailing,our fisher folks are counting the days, the cocoa farmer is confused he now have to save some cedis for his fertiliser etc. That is the reality. What we put out on our walls are just good for the eyes of our social media friends.

Ending, let me advise my friends that – everyone has a reason for being conservative with the truth at one time or another, but we’ve gone beyond the point of niceties and vague political jargons. We are in the realm where power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even seemingly honest and incorruptible individuals, after setting foot in the exclusive club called “the political arena” more often than not transform rapidly into party political slave or rottweilers dividing and conquering wherever this serves the cause of their political godfathers and allies.

I think we can still do the internal politics without insults and unnecessary innuendos.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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