We don’t need your talkative President, Governance in Uganda is Serious Business – MPs and Journalists in Uganda tell Akufo-Addo

A group of Parliamentarians in Uganda and some in that country, on Sunday denied claims that one Innocent Taylor, a student of Harvard University from Uganda rained praises on the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and said he wished that the Ugandan President (Yoweri Museveni) is replaced with him. The group has challenged President Akufo-Addo’s communication bureau and author of the story to show evidence of where the said Ugandan made the comment and prove his Ugandan identity.

According to the group, the story was contrived by the Government of Ghana and some Ugandan opposition elements for a desired impression. In its statement, yesterday, signed by its Press Secretary Barbara Kacungira, the group said

“Our attention has just been drawn to a fabricated story by some online platforms in Ghana, with the referenced caption. It was a stage managed nonsense orchestrated by some members of the Ghanaian President’s entourage and some Ugandan opposition elements. The person who was hired to make that senseless comment is a Kenyan. We know the reason for their coming up with such gimmicks and will respond fully at the appropriate time”.

The statement continued: “They have come up with the fabricated story to see if that could help them out and also project the Ghanaian leader who is struggling in his country. But the truth is that it won’t help them”

The group described the new Ghanaian leader as one of the most corrupt and incompetent leaders on the continent. The group said in 2018, President Museveni was named among the best leaders on the planet.

According to New York University Economics Professor, William Easterly and World Bank Economist Steve Hennings, President Museveni was ranked the 12th in terms of influencing economic growth.

The report indicates that our leader, President Museveni is one of the best leaders with a significant positive impact on our countries economic growth. The Ghanaian President and his team of propagandists should travel to Uganda and see for themselves the transformation and development going on.

Uganda’s infrastructural development is on its peak with 5,350km total of paved roads compared to 987 km of 1986. The general quality of lives and standard of living has improved tremendously together with an increase in income despite the increase in the population growth. Ugandans are enjoying robust peace and security. Journalists are not being killed and maimed for exposing rot in government.

Being ethical and socially responsible is all part of the public sector ethos. President Museveni will not waste millions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money on media propaganda. He will not pay $350, 000 to nationals of other African countries to project him and attack his colleagues on international platforms.

Mr Desmond Karamagi, a human right lawyer and a member of Uganda’s ruling party, said, Ghana and Uganda have come a long way as brother nations that share similar aspirations. Ugandans see Ghana as the continent’s torch bearer because of the role Nkrumah played in our independence struggle and exploits by President Rawlings and John Mahama. We will therefore not allow activities of some overambitious leaders and their allies in Uganda destroy that solid relationship.

By: Richard Kirunda

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