We have registered our displeasure very well, let us move on to Rescue Ghana

The NDC Grassroots were shocked and became silent infact I scanned through Social media yesterday and it was silent more than a cemetery.

Even though the National Executives thinks they have acted in good faith,
I believe they have learnt a lesson from the huge dissatisfaction from we the Grassroots.

Life is a teacher and yesterdays misfeeling was another lesson life has thought us, as a Party.

We need to just learn and move on.

Ghanaians can not afford to forgive us if we the NDC failed to Rescue Ghana from the inept Nana Addo /Bawumia led NPP government come 2020.

Let us not give up but put in more energy and work hard till we secured Victory for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and the NDC Rescue Mission Team to come and put Ghana back on track and move the Nation forward.

2020 is a shared responsibility and I urge everyone to come on board fully and contribute his or her quota for a massive Victory 2020.

Let our eyes be on the Rescue Mission ball and make sure we score a good Victory goal for the Rescue Mission Team.

#Let us move on.
#2020Rescue Mission,
#JM the Saviour is coming……

By: Albert Aheto

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