We’II Elect Our New President & Other Leaders-Concern Citizens Of Western Togoland

Another group[ calling itself the Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland has disassociated themselves from the declaration of independence by the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF).

The group announced its separation on their official social media handles on Saturday, November 16, after a group meeting was held in Ho.

But reacting to it, the first Vice President of the Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland, Daniel Yevuga said although they are also pursuing the same course, they had no idea about the declaration.

The Government of Ghana has rubbished the Homeland Study Group Foundation’s (HSGF) supposed declaration of ‘Western Togoland’ as an independent state.

The government yesterday assured that security agencies are taking the necessary measures to ensure all persons involved with the Homeland Study foundation’s planned secession from Ghana are made to face the law.

A statement by the Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said: “The Government of Ghana takes note of the activities of a group known as the Homeland Study Foundation, purporting to declare secession from Ghana.”

“Ghana remains a sovereign state which has not ceded any part of its territory to any person or group of persons.”

But Mr. Yevuga says Ghana is abusing its fundamental human rights, thus it has admonished the United Kingdom to also react to the issues raised.

He explained to Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that Western Togoland is a country and should be treated as such compared to its regional status we have at the moment.

He indicated they have all the documents available to support their claims.

According to him, residents of the Western Togoland voted to become a union with the Gold Coast (now Ghana) but the union had not been established up till now.

He explained that Ghana opted to be a unitary state under the plebiscite in 1956 [referendum] to be in union with a common constitution, but with the Western Togoland and the Gold Coast, there had been no unionized constitution up to date.

He noted it was improper for the government to have arrested the Homeland Study Group when they started their campaign.

We’II have our constitution & passport

When asked if they were ready to renounce their citizenship as Ghanaians in the quest to declare their independence, he answered in the affirmative saying: ”what have we benefit from Ghana as you have said, is the passport that you talked about? Yes if the Western Togoland becomes an independent, we will have our constitutionally elected leaders. We will surely hold constitutionally elected government by the citizens.”

Reacting to suggestions that they could be charged for treason, he rubbished them asking if they wilded guns and other weapons in their agitation for the restoration of Western Togoland as a country.

”Dont let the politicians brainwash your [journalists] mind,” he cautioned.

Source: Rashid Obodai Provencal||rainbowradioonline.com

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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