West is to Blame on Chemical Attack on Syria

The residential areas of Aleppo were fired by 120-mm mortar shells containing chlorine on November 25, 2018. At least 107 people applied for medical care. There were women and children among the hospitalized, all of them complained of suffocation.

However, despite the significant number of victims, the scandal, which is usual for such cases, did not happen.World leaders as if they had taken water in their mouths, and only French President Emmanuel Macron decided to break the silence. This is understandable: the West has a serious reason to keep quiet.

Aleppo is the largest city in Syria and one of the oldest in the world. During the civil conflict, it was split in two.The operation to free the militants’ part became one of the most important for government forces and a turning point for the war as a whole.The city for several months was in the center of international attention, and the West countries regularly accused Damascus of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity.

By December 2016, it was all over. Most of the reports about the «Assad atrocities» were not confirmed, and some of the militants who left Aleppo, in agreement with the government, were transported to Idlib province. Such tactics of Damascus can be compared with cleaning the apartment, when all the garbage is swept into one room.

It would have caused a huge scandal if reports of a chemical attack appeared when the militants still held part of the Aleppo neighborhoods.The blame for the incident would immediately hang on the«Assad regime». But the attack happened now, when Aleppo has been under the control of the government for two years. All shells flew in from the very «Idlib reserve», where the front line passes.

The version that government forces bombard their own rear with the use of chemical weapons does not seem realistic to anyone.Therefore, the Western countries, including many human rights organizations, met the attack on Aleppo with a deathly silence.

Emmanuel Macron was the first of the Western leaders to make a statement on the topic. «France condemns any use of chemical weapons, including in Syrian Aleppo», he said almost a day after the incident. He added that he would discuss the situation with international partners.

Organizers of the chemical attack are already installed. According to the chief of the Aleppo Police Department, General Issam al-Shally, the perpetrators are terrorists from Dzhebhat-en-Nusra, the local branch of Al Qaeda. This is the organization, which some of the countries of the West does not recognize as

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly accuses the countries of the West, but goes further in its interpretation of the situation. «This terrorist attack was a result of the fact that some states facilitate the delivery of chemicals to terrorist groups in order to use them against the Syrian people, and then blame the Syrian authorities for this», the ministry’s press service said.

Previously Russia pointed to the plans of the «White Helmets organization»«to carry out provocations with the use of poisonous substances in the demilitarized zone around Idlib».«White Helmets» is the ambassador of the western coalition, primarily the UK and the USA, but about six months ago, the Americans removed the «White Helmets» from the allowance.

This organization, diligently disguised as a human rights organization, but acting in the interests of terrorists.For several years, ittried to present «the main heroes of the Syrian war».There was even a documentary film about its activities, which eventually won an Oscar.

If their involvement in the attack on Aleppo is proved, it should completely reverse the concept prevailing in the West about the «White Helmets» and the role of the pro-American coalition in the Syrian conflict.

The laws of the information war that has unfolded around Syria are in practice even more cynical than the laws of the real war in Idlib. The one who screams the loudest wins, and this cry can only be indirectly related to the real state of affairs «on the ground». The perception of the Syrian conflict somewhat corrected the successes of the Syrian army, but neither the exposure of fakes about the «massacre in the streets of Aleppo», nor the autopsy of the staged nature of the actions of the «White Helmets» did not change anything.

The refusal of US to finance «White Helmets»was caused not by reputational costs due to the production of fakes. Most willingly, it was Donald Trump’s direct campaign promise to save on support for the Syrian opposition and block their representatives from moving to the United States (immigration to the West was one of the motives for «White Helmets» activists, many of which are now exported to Britain).

The use of chemical weapons and the description of other war crimes of one side or another are no more than a background in international negotiations. In the center of it there is no an idea of humanism, but the narrow interests of each of the countries, even frank thugs with chlorine bombs can act as guides.

By: Clement Kpeklitsu


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