Western Togoland: PLC reacts to threats, advices Ghana government to act Diplomatically

Secessionist group, People’s Liberations Council (PLC) has urged the government of Ghana to ignore publications and comments suggesting a brute clamp down of forces within Western Togoland.

The group noted that, such ill advised measures, if taken by the government will needlessly escalate the situation, whereas conflict can be avoided.

In a circulatory press statement, signed by the group’s communications directorate, and exclusively copied to ghananewsonline.com.gh, the PLC enumerated three key reasons why the call for a sovereign “Western Togoland state” was necessary.

They asserted that, the Ghanaian government and its citizens should diligently investigate and understand the key issues concerning their demand for separation before acting inappropriately.

They therefore suggested to the government of Ghana to gnore the malicious comments and listen to the oppressed

Below is the full statement:


We refer to the following captioned publication as a ploy to escalate the dire consequences of a wicked plan to exterminate the quiet and peace loving Peoples of Western Togoland who after many decades of genuine efforts to get their rights established were reported to have resorted to forming a militia group

 “Clamp down on Western Togoland ‘militia group’ – Security analyst to government”


The report, if it were true must be understood that these people were compelled to start preparing themselves against what is gradually closing in on them because many instances sighted in the various instances and reports are frightening.

Everybody  is playing the ostrich game in Ghana, from the government to the ignorant population through the hypocrite media.

There is no need for an armed conflict in the country, but when Ghana insists that a perpetrated injustice must become the norm, then the frustration of the victims could boil over to dangerous acts by a section of the population, and Ghana should bear the responsibility for this situation, because she has thought that with time, Western Togolanders will forget the injustice they are victims of.

There are questions that the Ghana government and many unsuspecting Ghanaians may find outlandish, because the Ghana government has hypocritically chosen to let the sleeping dogs lie, and the population is oblivious of the real causes of a crisis that has been festering for over two generations.


 Gold Coast became independent under a new name (Ghana) on March 6, 1957. The “birth certificate” of Ghana, the Ghana Independence Act of February 1957, does not include Western Togoland among the territories that form Ghana. Those who are able to read can check for themselves online at no cost. So what makes Western Togolanders Ghanaians? Is it the 1956 plebiscite? A plebiscite is organized to know the intention, the desire of people. Check the difference between plebiscite and referendum. In any case, whether it is a plebiscite or a referendum, the re results should be confirmed in an official Act, in this particular case the union between Ghana and Western Togoland.


Can any Ghanaian answer the above question? If the answer is yes, then the next question is:


Who represented Western Togoland, and who/what institution, represented Ghana at the signature of a union agreement between Ghana and Western Togoland?

For the information of the Ghanaians that the government of Ghana has preferred to keep in the dark, the United Nations had instructed the UK to effect the union between the UN Trust territory (Western Togoland) and the former British colony Gold Coast, now Ghana. That act has never been fulfilled, and the Western Togolanders who were not stupid refused to accept the bogus letter/note sent to the UN by the UK that the UNION between the UN Trust territory Western Togoland and Independent Ghana was effected in the night of March 5 to March 6, 1957, prompting the UN to terminate the Trusteeship Agreement with UK. 

In other words, the UK has fraudulently offered Western Togoland to Ghana as a birthday present, and Kwame Nkrumah and the Ghanaians were elated over the effortless annexation of Western Togoland. If there is a union with Ghana, we insist that it should be a genuine one, not a “handshake” union.

A genuine union is always arrived at through negotiations between at least two parties. However there is no trace of any union agreement between Ghana and Western Togoland. If indeed Ghana had not annexed Western Togoland, she would have no problem accepting to negotiate a union agreement with Western Togoland. Ghana CANNOT simply consider Western Togoland as one of her regions. How in the world could two distinct territories form a union without any agreement? Therefore, we say until Ghana allows Western Togolanders to prepare themselves constitutionally to reach a standard worthy of going into a union with any well established independent country,  Ghana’s occupation of Western Togoland will always be considered an unholy matrimony in which every pregnancy will harbor a rebellious offspring. 

The systematic annexation of Western Togoland is degenerating into anarchy, with unreasonable suggestions of crushing Western Togolanders instead of taking pragmatic steps towards correcting the wrong past and fostering harmonious coexistence between Western Togoland and Ghana. Suggestions such as “crush Western Togolanders”, “deal with them ruthlessly” and the like presuppose a premeditated act of intimidation that has compelled the Western Togolanders to fall into the booby trap laid for them by Ghana. Although we did not support any unconstitutional establishment on  our land, we cannot support messages and actions that will spark violence either. The ongoing reaction and comments and suggestions are completely out of place. And must immediately be abated by the government of the day. Any violence erupting from dealing with Western Togolanders now must be considered as a crime orchestrated by the government of Ghana because Ghana is the sustainer of all the inconveniences that is leading to the change from non-violence to violence.

We recall the one time crush on Western Togolanders who rejected the flag of Ghana because of the unestablished union between Western Togoland and Ghana. We are also witnessing conflicts of our time like Southern Cameroon, Biafra, Ogoni, and Liberia. We cannot agree with people who think there must be arms confrontations in Ghana now. We cannot imagine anybody safe anywhere in Ghana if such situations arise.  Therefore, our suggestion to the Government is to ignore the malicious comments and listen to the oppressed.

Thank you.

 Communications Directorate

Peoples Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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