The Western Togoland’s court journey to Freedom

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s. Simple rule for leaders especially to follow to enable them to appears virtuous, but for politicians, the ends justify the means.

The July 19th high court ruling at Ho that exonerated and partially restored the liberty of the executive Chairman of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) Mr. Charles Kormi Kudjordjie and additional two leaders, Mr. Divine Odonkor and Mr. Martin Asiamah Agbenu is a clear indication that many scholars and legal luminaries in Ghana are aware of the Western Togoland history with the facts that the land and its people were illegally assimilated in to Ghana by the collaborators of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Britain and UN. It is no doubt that some elements from the Western Togoland, ignorantly helped the collaborators to plugged Western Togoland in to servitude rather than been in UNION with Ghana. Yet, the courage to talk about it had become an arrow pointing to the chest, even the celebrated clergies who in recent days has turned the pulpit into political rostrum could not dare ask Ghana to repent from its sins.

The education of the Western Togoland did not ends outside the court walls but rather continues in the court room where many were lectured by the bench on the fact that, it is clearly known all over the world particularly Ghana that Western Togolanders are not fully Ghanaians. They became partial Ghanaians through ballot box and paper in May 9, 1956. A decision through plebiscite intended for Union but was publicly annulled by another ballot box and paper in July 12, 1956 by Ghanaians and surprisingly was overlooked by Ghanaians authorities led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for the benefit of Ghana as the authorities used hard power to forcefully integrate Western Togolanders in to Ghana against their will.

Government is a voluntary creation of people who give up complete freedom in order to safeguard their inalienable right to life, liberty and prosperity.

However, since government is a controlling wheel of a country, it is therefore imperative to note that, the Western Togolanders in May 9, 1956 through the ballot box and paper did not give their consent to the government of Ghana and they did not intend to be controlled by the government of Ghana but they will appreciate and welcome a union with Ghana.

Just as it is widely known that Western Togolanders are not Ghanaians, so the struggle to free the land from illegal occupation and re-colonization by Ghana is also known throughout the world.

The indigenous political party in the land, Togoland Congress, in its quest to free the land, made Dr. Kwame Nkrumah enacted a bill (Avoidance of discrimination Acts) to ban the party in 1957 after the leader S.G Antor was arrested and throw in to Nkrumah’s Detention Camp (Nsawam Prison) in 1954. What happened to him after? Only Ghanaians can tell.

Dr. Raphael Grail Armattoe champion the independence fight where he ended up in the United Nations and delivered magnificent speech to free Togoland. Two weeks after the speech, he was poison to death. The motive was obvious but who poisoned him and who paid for Dr. Armattoe to be poisoned can only be found in Ghana’s dirty diary.

Mr, George Komla Nugba, a Togoland Congress member from Anfoega was chased to exile and die in exile. Who paid his pursuits? Is only known to Ghanaians.

Reverend Michael Kwame Kwawu, a true man of God who will never bend on the truth was chased to exile after the 1956 plebiscite and you ask why? Only Ghanaians holds the keys to those answers.

Mr. Charles Kormi Kudjordjie challenged the illegal integration of Western Togoland in to Ghana, he and other two people were arrested and charged with Treason. The Kpando and Alavanyo massacre by Ghanaians and British soldiers in 1957 led to the demise of over 23 Chiefs and many of their subjects. The wounds are healed but the scares remain on us, Western Togolanders and reminds us of the heinous crime committed against us and our land. Nkrumah’s illegal invasion of our land with his terror by causing brutal mass arrest in the part of our land that he termed trans-volta Togoland had still left many of us, Western Togolanders with phobia.

In facts, if it is true that freedom had to be earned at a bitter cost, then Western Togolanders have over paid the cost. And those who continually deny us of freedom will not know freedom themselves.

Is it not an evidence that those who persecute us for the sake of our independence are a living testimony of not having freedom themselves?

Haven’t they boast of vast mineral resources? But their yearly budget is 60% donor funded. They are globe-trotting every now and then for foreign aids and grants in other to survive.

They boast of Gold and their country been among the leading producers of Cocoa. Yet their Citizens of School going age end up on the street selling Dog chain. Child labor is before the seat of their government and nothing is been done about it.

They boast of oil, but is it not rather shameful that the Oil proceeds (Oil revenue) end up in individual pocket with a dishonorable 10% to the country? Their children are exposed to the weather hazard. Their class rooms are empty of learning logistics. Some schools still remain under trees in this 21st century yet their priority is to buy luxury cars for their President, vice and their wives who are already benefiting immensely from the public purse. What a gross misplace of priority?

Their cherished Chief in the National House of Chiefs who they now worship like Egyptian God, told the whole world that the youth of their country are committing suicide with some embarking on illegal migration (stonway) to Europe due to hardship and astronomical unemployment rate in the country. Yet they boast of having the world economist as the country’s CEO.

The future of the country as we speak have been used to mortgage loans under the best economist in the world.

Lynching is seen everywhere in the country. Even the Military are not spared. Insecurity and indiscipline engulfed the Country. Aside that, the country now stink with corruption. Managers of the Country are patriots to their pockets, families and friends than to the country and I hope that you the reader will be the last person to think that it is ordinary or people just chose to be corrupt.

The innocent blood of Western Togolanders shed by your founding fathers are seeking justice. Your continuous hold onto Western Togoland illegally is a curse on your land. And until Western Togoland is freed with your Country seek forgiveness of atrocious acts of your founding fathers followed by immediate clemency, your country will continue to sink. Think about it and do the right thing.

Western Togoland, we shall overcome.

Source: Seth Mifetu.





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