What do you know about Fashion?

Everyone is special in their own way and your personality is often a strong indicator of what type of style suits you best. Most times one’s style of fashion reveals their personality traits. The very traits of the ordinary person talk loudest when the choice of selecting what to wear is confronted. Nothing makes one look ridiculous than a bad sense of fashion.

In every sense of fashion we portray, we mostly dress to impress, to make a statement to the world about who we are and how we want the world to see us. The magic of your true style can transform you from Cinderella to a princess especially when you know what to wear.

Not everyone is an expert on style, certainly, but we all do have what makes us look good. You can be a mixture of different personalities but there is always one that dominates. The ultimate advantage of knowing your fashion personality is that, aside helping you match what accessories to which outfit, it will make your shopping for clothes easier. Fashion personalities reveals how we adapt cloths to our taste.

Lets us have a look at some of these fashion Personalities;

An Expressive personality will find fashion as an art. Such personality will consider a bold and stylish clothing. Every opportunity presented to an Expressive personality is a unique adventure for him or her to produce a masterpiece. They mostly gravitate towards bright patterns and funky jewelries; Just like the chameleon, they love to look different at all times.

Another fashion personality you might want to know about is, the Relaxed. One priority for the Relaxed fashion personality is comfort. In as much as they would want to look effortlessly cool, they often appear to stand out in their not too tight but dull and neutral colors.

The Romantic fashion personality appreciates styles that enhances their natural beauty. They like that outfit that best highlights more of their feminine details and features. Flawlessly, they adore silk, floral patterns with mild colors. Whiles the Classic may not be attention seeking like the Expressive, they avoid trends and attention seeking clothing. Structured and timeless styles are favorites and they love sticking to inspirational brands that is known.

With these four fashion personalities, one would either be one, two or all. Knowing the above traits helps you make informed choices in cloth selection so to adapt to cloths that boost your confidence and appreciate the ‘you’.  When next you decide to pick up an outfit for that glamorous or ordinary occasion, consider what fashion personality you would want to wear.

Source: Theresa Adezewa Ayittey

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