What is a Tantric Massage?

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It was already practiced in the ancient East, massage served among other things to relax the organs at the same time as the mind. The tantric massage seeks to deactivate, relax the mind to open ourselves to a world where every touch, every sensation and every moment counts. Sensations take power over thoughts. The Lesbian Spa (thelesbianspa.com) will help you to know more about the tantric massage and its benefits to health. A massage   that seeks to awaken the inner energy through meditation on one’s own body and that of the couple. The tantric massage can be exciting yet not seeking sex, seeks to promote feelings. It manages to disconnect from the problems at the same time that sensations are fostered.

Once we manage to deactivate these thoughts, and dedicate ourselves to feel is when we discover the fullness in each sensation. The massage manages to eliminate the accumulated stress and negativity and leads the person towards a great sensation of peace.

The tantric massage understands that each person has a natural rhythm. At first it can be difficult to relax and indulge in sensations, we think that losing control will make us weak. However, those who have tried this massage talk about getting very pleasant sensations. Although the masseur can make slower or faster movements are the slow ones especially recommended.

Types of Tantric Massage

Within the tantric massage we have:

  • Tantric massage for women
  • The tantric massage for men

The basis of this massage is that our thoughts are invaded by worries that interrupt our tranquility. The Tantric Massage looking decouple these thoughts of sentience.

How to do a Tantric Massage

After giving you some guidelines so that you know a little better what a tantric massage consists of. We can now explain how we can do it.

We have to differentiate that between massage for men and massage for women. For men it is known as Lingam massage because it is in this way that the male virile member (light rod) is called, while that of the woman is known as yoni massage, the name with which the female member is called (sacred space or temple).

Each massage will be different but for both we can say that it is not necessary to be completely naked. On the other hand, we can also use a lubricant. The person receiving the massage should lie with his back on the bed or on the floor and with his legs separated. Place a cushion under the hips, to raise the area where you will perform the massage (lingam/yoni) and another under the head of your partner so you can see that you can see their genitals. You can complete the experience with some music.

Tantric massage for men

Start by giving a massage all over the body, avoiding the Lingam area. In this way man can relax at all and be ready by the time you reach the Lingam. Pour a small amount of oil on the Lingam and the testicles and begin to gently massage your testicles. Next, gently massage the area of ​​the pubic bone above the Lingam, and then the area between the testicles and the anus, known as the perineum.

Now go to the Lingam, gently pinch the base with the right hand and go through the trunk. Retake the hand and do the same with the left hand. You must do these movements for a while. Now take the Lingam from the top, sliding the shaft down, and then repeating the process with the left hand. You must be careful with the head of the Lingam which is very sensitive. Massage with gentle circular movements. You must avoid that the man arrives at the orgasm since it is easy to happen with these movements. If she manages to hold on, she will be able to control her ejaculation better and with that she will have more orgasms and more pleasurable.

While you continue to massage your Lingam you can look for the sacred place (small hole located between the testicles and the anus) . You must massage gently and slightly increase the pressure. You may feel somewhat uncomfortable at the beginning but thanks to this pressure you can better control your orgasms. If you are approaching ejaculation you can apply pressure here and this will increase the intensity of your orgasm.

Tantric massage for women

We start by pouring a little oil or lubricant into the Yoni mound, and dripping it through the labia majora. We have to massage each outer lip slowly between the thumb and forefinger, and to do it right you have to slide the fingers up and down the entire length of the lip. You must be careful not to exert too much pressure and thereby harm your partner. Make yourself with the inner lips of the Yoni. Watch your partner and take your time until he relaxes.

The clitoris of the woman is much more sensitive than the male Lingam, so it is the epicenter of massage. You should start by gently stroking in a clockwise direction, and then the other way around. Press gently between the thumb and index finger, focusing on exerting the necessary pressure to produce pleasure without reaching orgasm.

Now insert the middle finger of the right hand and gently massage the inside. You must place the palm up. Begin to bend the middle finger (inside) towards the palm. You will notice a spongy area just below the pubic bone, and that is the famous “G spot”. Massage gently here, in circles, back and forth, from side to side. If you wish you can also enter the ring finger. In addition to doing these movements inside the Yoni, you can stroke with the thumb the area of ​​the Clitoris.

It is not necessary for the woman to reach orgasm, but it can happen and with that you will have managed to relax her completely.

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