What is all the fuss about Brig-Gen. Okyere and Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante, Mr. President? – Owula Mangortey asks

I am a Citizen.

I rise to ask my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo whether you have heard of the fuss about Brigadier- General Okyere (rtd) and his preference for the appointment of Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante as the Chief of Naval Staff.

Your Excellency, I admire the skills of Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante in a swimming pool and also as an affable person when he read for an Executive Masters in Governance and Leadership degree at GIMPA.

I knew Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante when he served as the Principal General Staff Officer ( PGSO) to John Mahama’s Minister of Defence, Dr. Benjamin Bewa-Nyong Kumbuor.

So, it is quite surprising to hear the following whisperings of your soldiers about your National Security Advisor’s preference for the promotion and appointment of Commodore Osei- Osei- Bonsu Asante by your government:

(1). Commodore Osei- Bonsu was promoted by President John Mahama following pressure from the ” Asante Caucus” in the Military, when it was obvious that due to several misconducts, he should have been retired in July, 2016.

(2). His appointment as PGSO at the Ministry of Defence is like being sent on “washroom duties” when the Ghana Armed Forces does not have a place for an Officer in the mainstream.
Nobody “resurrects” from that PGSO appointment as he prepares to go home on retirement.

(3). At the Directorate GHQ ( Training), he was responsible for the security and safety of examination papers. Rather, he was the source of several examination papers, especially to females. He has to his discredit several incidents of sexual abuse and exploitation.

(4). Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante was moved as Flag Officer Fleet to the Fisheries Commission under President Akufo-Addo.

(5). Curiously, Brigadier- General Okyere called for Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante’s records and expunged the myriads of scandalous service infractions on his documents.

(6). Is the agenda by Brig- Gen. Okyere (rtd) to get Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante appointed the Naval Chief to outmanoeuvre his seniors, like Admiral Beck?

(7). Brig-Gen. Okyere (rtd) must know that it may not be possible to completely whitewash or delete an occurence on Commodore Osei- Bonsu Asante’s records.

(8). Brig-Gen.Okyere (rtd) must know that apart from the Office of the Military Secretary (MS), copies of Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante’s records exist at the Unit, Formation and Service Headquarters.
And, ofcourse, in the minds of Seniors, Colleagues and Juniors, which have become incorruptible easy reference points.

Your Excellency, it is quite surprising to hear your soldiers’ whisperings about Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante who was admitted into the Ghana Military Academy in January, 1983 and was commissioned into the Executive Branch of the Ghana Navy in June, 1984.

As our Fafra people say, a guinea fowl does not pass infront of a funeral home.

Your Excellency, will you cause to be looked into the hullabaloo surrounding Brigadier- General Okyere (rtd) and Commodore Osei Bonsu Asante?

I Shall Retunr (sic).

Owula Mangortey
NDC Branch Secretary
Full Gospel Church Branch
Shai-Osudoku Constituency


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