What is Kufuor’s understanding of the word “vision”?

Folks, I have been reading a lot regarding comments attributed to John Agyekum Kufuor that denigrated the FOUNDER of modern-day Ghana (the great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah) as lacking “vision” for Ghana’s development.

I will descend heavily on him in responding to his stupid, ill-informed, mischievous, and myopic assessment of the Ghanaian condition.

A reasonable anti-Nkrumahist won’t go the way Kufuor has if he/she knows the history of Ghana. They have over-extended themselves and their resouces and failed. Nkrumah never dies!!

Apart from his mother (Nyaniba) or his wife (Fathia), have we ever heard anything about his brothers and sisters that he appointed to exploit Ghana?

Kufuor doesn’t, which explains why he will stoop so low. Such a cheap man!

The whole world knows and appreciates Nkrumah’s worth. That is why he still stands taller above characters of Kufuor’s type who are mere copycats and loose talkers.

Nkrumah was unique: Coming from a really poor home with nothing to recommend him to the world but his natural talents and strong desire to put Ghana on the world stage. And he succeeded.

Here is the lesson for Kufuor and all those revisionist historians seeking to undermine the Osagyefo:

  1. We have no record of who his father was but by dint of personal discovery and persistent harwork, he stowed away and picked up pieces of coal on the streets in Philadelphia to accomplish his academic objectives, which he used to advantage.

Let Kufuor tell us who sponsored him and why Akufo-Addo questioned his claim to be a lawyer, daring him in Sunyani in 1995 to tell the whole world whose chamber he practised in as a lawyer.

That was when Team Kufuor had gathered in a toilet the delegates at the NPP’s congress in Sunyani to choose the party’s flagbearer and was doling out raw cash to influence them that irked Akufo-Addo to burst out. Folks, we have evidence on that score!!

  1. The NPP camp has for more than 60 years damned the Osagyefo, labelling him as “Kofi Nwiah”, meaning that he wasn’t born on a Saturday to earn the birthright of Kwame.

  2. The very NPP camp has given us to know why their criminal idol (Joseph Boakye Danquah, a lawyer-of-sorts who never won anything in Ghanaian politics or jurisprudence—a challenge to those interested in pursuing this angle to delve into how Nana Akyea Mensah (I hope I have the name right) got killed by them and had J.B. Danquah as their defence counsel).

Folks, I did a lot of hardwork in those days to know these thieves, liars, and murderers. And I am putting things together to visit Ghana between July and August to take them on. Let them bring on the fight!

Digression done. Now, back to the real stuff.

What vision did Kufuor have for Ghana that Nkrumah didn’t have?

When Nkrumah was fighting for “independence now,” and telling the British exploiters that “we prefer self-government, peace and tranquility within the shortest possible time (regardless of the peril) than servitude…” where was this senile Kufuor?

Was that agitation for independence not a laudable vision?

And when the Danquah-Busia regressive camp sent a delegation to the British monarchy not to grant Nkrumah what he was fighting for but got repudiated, a lesson for kufuor to learn?

Scroll everything forward. When Rawlings put Kufuor in charge of the Ministry of Local Government, what did he do as far as “vision” was concerned?

Nothing to praise him over. He jumped ship, finding a cheap exit route in the unfortunate event imvolving Army Corporal Amedeka that ended in the kidnapping and murder of those High Court judges and Major Sam Acquah of GIHOC.

Folks, recall that Kufuor had pledged to trace Amedeka and others for punishment. Did he do so?

There is too much to say. I am ready to do so to let Kufuor know that with one foot in the grave, he has no right or authority to determine the future of
Ghana or to damn the Great Osagyefo. No one can cheat Nature.

Kufuor’s 8 years in power had no better “vision” for Ghana. But for the criminal conspiracy of their puppets in the Security Services and Nkrumah haters, nothing of the Danquah-Busia political nonsense would have surpassed what the Great Osagyefo gave Ghana and the world.

They doubt and dispute it to their own disadvantage.

My verdict? “The showboy Nkrumah” never dies!!

Footnote: Why hasn’t Kufuor blamed or damned Rawlings? If he does so, I will come down to Ghana to walk him down the memory lane. He is part of Ghana’s problem that Nature will solve sooner than later.

Can Kufuor go back to his Atwima-Nwabiagya area to tell us how he used his “kind of vision” to solve problems of his own people?

How did he help Kwabena Darko’s poultry industry in that locality if he had any “vision”?

Too much blame, finding fault where there is none won’t solve Ghana’s problems.

The Great Osagyefo came, saw, and conquered the retrogressive forces. What can Kufuor boast of as his “vision” that has put Ghana where Nkrumah’s couldn’t? Such a fogey really annoys me.

By Michael Jarvis Bokor

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
  1. […] What is Kufuor’s understanding of the word “vision”? […]

  2. […] What is Kufuor’s understanding of the word “vision”? […]

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