When a “dumb” Person leads the Youth of a Political Party – ASEPA takes a swipe at Nana B for engaging in Galamsey

I have always wondered how Henry Nana Boakye, also known as Nana B became the National Youth Organizer of a major Political Party.

I have never seen anyone this dump and uninspiring in a leadership position.

Perhaps he is just a personification of the kind of people leading this Country at the moment but when the word “Youth” is attached to any position, the occupant of the position has an utmost responsibility not just to look out for the interest of the youth but also has an even much bigger responsibility to be futuristic and protect the future interests of young people.

Whether you are a youth Organizer of the ruling NPP or the Opposition NDC, one thing is pretty striking and uncompromising and that is the future of young people in this Country and so for such a person occupying a position created to look out for the interest of young people(atleast in his Party) to participate in the reckless looting and destruction of our environment is outrightly unpardonable.

And Guess what his defence is, “the person who made the allegations has apologised to him and he has not seen gold in his life before”
How did this guy even become a lawyer and several others failed?…smh

You have been accused by a member of your Party(also a member of Parliament) that you are engaged in the Galamsey menace and your defence is that you haven’t seen gold before?
And where did Ken Agyapong apologised to you and we didn’t hear?(atleast we all heard the allegations)
And do you need to see gold in your life to do Galamsey?

The old folks who are seriously engaged in this reckless dissipation of the Nation’s resources and the destruction of our environment can atleast be pardoned, they have nothing to loose, Prof. Frimpong Boateng and his folks including President Akufo Addo may not be here in the next twenty to thirty years and have nothing to loose but for a young man who would be here atleast to witness the effect of those destructions on the lives of future generations to participate in this is stupidity and folly personified and this guy doesn’t deserve to be in any leadership Position in the Country let alone call himself a Youth Organizer( he is not even fit to lead toddlers)

We have a responsibility as young people to protect our Country, its resources and its ideals, it is all we have as a people and it is same that would be bequeathed unto us in future and we must ensure that those hold it in trust today takes the right decisions, implement the right policies and engage in the right activities that will bring nothing but prosperity to posterity…. and not sufferings.

We must therefore begin to call out all the people whose actions and inactions are an affront to the attainment of this objective, including our fellow young citizens who aid the “dying” Politicians to lead this Country into an abyss they may never endure!

Next is Hon. Asoma Cheremeh, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, watch out!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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